Preparing For The B2SMB Summit: Interviews and Research on 12 Industry Leaders

What trends are really going to cause shifts in the next wave of the $500 Billion business to small business marketplace?  It is a critical question that Dave Walker and I have  pondered as we built  our unique event, The B2SMB Summit, which is now just two weeks away, Oct. 3-4, in Chicago.

Many of the real game changers in the industry are joining us on stage in Chicago – everyone from Office Depot SVP Janet Schisn to LinkedIn’s Ryan Wilson to Dell’s Erik Day to DexYP’s Gordon Henry to Go Daddy’s Steven Aldrich. We have 33 featured industry leaders — plus top moderators, including Streetfight CEO David Hirschman, Crain’s Chicago Business Tech Editor John Pletz,  Bredin CEO Stu Richards, longtime digital exec and consultant Peter Hutto and RSL Media CEO Robert Levin.

If you are able to join your peers in B2SMB at the event– or even, if you aren’t able to make it — you’ll find a wonderful preview of their views and news  here, and on The B2SMB Blog.  

Here’s  our “manifesto” piece, which was originally published in StreetFight:

What Is B2SMB (And Why We Are Putting On The B2SMB Summit)

And here are 12 insightful posts about and/or featuring our speakers. We’ll be adding several more in the next couple of weeks. Enjoy!

1. DexYP’s Gordon Henry at The B2SMB Summit: ‘Stop Being Amazon’d to Death’

2. Pitney Bowes’ Michael Griffiths at The B2SMB Summit: Driving SMB E-Commerce

3. Comcast Business’ Brett Tolbert at The B2SMB Summit: Taking Digital Services to Market 

4. infor’s Sandi Thomas at The B2SMB Summit:  Helping SMBs Become Self-Sufficient

5. Cisco’s Jenn Allen at The B2SMB Summit: Making Tech a Competitive Advantage

6. LinkedIn’s Ryan Wilson at The B2SMB Summit: Making SMBS First Class Citizen

7. AdRoll’s Scott Gifis At the B2SMB Summit: Creating ‘AdSense for SMB ECommerce’

8. 1&1’s Martin Schmidt At The B2SMB Summit: The Local OS for SMBs 

9. GoDaddy CPO Steven Aldrich at The B2SMB Summit: 6 Themes Guiding Our SMB Services

10. B2SMB Keynoter Erik Day on Dell’s B2SMB Approach: ‘Big City, Small Town Feel

11. Research at The B2SMB Summit: LSA Digs Deep into SMB Cloud Adoption

12. Boomtime’s Mark Canon at The B2SMB Summit: ‘Our Job is to Capture Business

DexYP’s Gordon Henry at The B2SMB Summit: ‘Stop Being Amazon’d to Death’

Yellow Pages can shift into an even larger business that not only sells advertising, but provides complete marketing and administrative services, according to DexYP EVP and CMO Gordon Henry, who is set to speak at The B2SMB Summit, one of his first appearances since Dex merged with YP last winter to form a Yellow Pages […]

DocuSign’s Jeff Perry at The B2SMB Summit: Growing The SMB Platform Beyond E-Signatures

Perhaps no other tech vendor illustrates the power of the emerging B2SMB platform as much as DocuSign, the 14-year-old powerhouse that has expanded beyond e-signatures to digital transaction management and DocuSign Payments. At The B2SMB Summit in Chicago Oct.3-4, Jeff Perry, DocuSign’s VP of Commercial Sales for SMB is set to hold forth on Building […]

(PREVIEW) B2SMB Leaders From Office Depot, Kabbage and Pitney Bowes added to The B2SMB Summit

We’ll be announcing our final round of speaker additions later this week for The B2SMB Summit, which takes place in Chicago Oct. 3-4. The B2SMB Summit already has 50+ B2SMB brands slated to attend a program featuring more than 30 B2SMB leaders, representing more than 20 million worldwide SMB client accounts. The national event is […]

Comcast Business’ Brett Tolbert at The B2SMB Summit: Taking Digital Services to Market

For tech vendors and marketing partners, SMBs obviously represent a challenge. There are a lot of SMBs that need to be touched. And once you get ahold of them, they tend to have custom needs and are not always attentive. Utilities, such as Telecom and cable companies, have a head start in working with SMBs. […]

Our Streetfight Post: The Shift in B2SMB (and Why We are Putting on The B2SMB Summit)

Businesses selling services to SMBs — a category we call “B2SMB” — currently bring in $500 billion a year. But major changes can be anticipated as the market shifts away from media towards cloud based services, artificial intelligence, marketing automation and location marketing. This cluster of tech movements represent real opportunities to help SMBs target […]