ShopTalk Preview: The New Competitive Environment in Retail

Are there good ways for retailers to beat Amazon? After all, Amazon has a good head-start with warehouses in every major city promising fast delivery; competitive pricing; showrooming price comparison tools; rich marketing analytics for brands and retailers; the biggest archives of reviews; and advanced payment and ordering technologies.

ShopTalk’s Chief Global Content Officer Zia Daniell Wigder, a longtime retail strategist for Forrester and Jupiter, says the field is actually still wide open — and more and more retailers are coming in every day.

There is definite “traction” for shoppers, as a new breed of omni-channel retailer works on rapid growth and building mindshare, says Daniell Wigder. “They’re in the enviable position of being able to invest in the latest technologies and take advantage of declining technology costs. They can also take advantage of emerging marketing tactics that are often less expensive than more established approaches to customer acquisition.”

In ShopTalk’s estimation, the rise of in-store Wifi, big data and cloud-based payments has greatly impacted the retail environment. At ShopTalk’s show in Las Vegas March 19-22, that means there will be deep dives into search and discovery, promotions, prices, inventory, in-store browsing, checkout, pickup and delivery, store locations and maps.

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