Infinity Adds AOL Local Content

Viacom’s Infinity Broadcasting is focused on ramping up its Radiomat streaming network for all 183 stations in 22 markets, and will add AOL Local content. At the same time, however, it will pull out of AOL Radio, where it has streamed seven of its major stations since 2003.

Infinity’s pullout of its stations may have something to do with AOL’s recent tie to XM Radio, which now handles most of AOL’s radio programming. Infinity is currently developing a competing subscription service, HD Radio, in partnership with other key radio players.

The news of Infinity’s pullback from AOL was offset by AOL’s announcement that RadioMat, which currently streams 30 Infinity stations, will be powered by AOL technology and content. The technology features include AOL Instant Messaging, and the content includes MovieFone, CityGuide, Music Sessions and Hosted Polls. AOL said that Infinity’s DJs will also talk about what is happening on

The use of AOL features supports the expansive marketing program for the new and improved We would speculate that it may involve cash payments to Infinity.

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