2008: The Year That Was

We’re out with our predictions for 2009. But what’s the final word for 2008? Truly, it was a very stimulating and thoughtful year for our local media and commerce industry. But speaking for myself, it’s hard to say whether it was a good year, especially with fresh layoffs that we are hearing about every day. […]

Where.com: GPS is Trigger for Local-Social Mobile Portal

Local mobile portals make a lot of sense since most phones (even the iPhone 3G) don’t really lend themselves to much surfing. Another social/viral dimension is added via social networking enhancements via profile pages, Twitter and especially, GPS. Two services seem to be leading the way for locally-based mobile social networking right now: Silicon Valley-based […]

GateHouse Sues Boston.com’s HyperLocal Site for News Links

Hyperlocal sites aspire to grab headlines from everywhere and be a one stop for the neighborhood. That’s been accepted practice, providing the site links back to the origination site, and too much copy isn’t exposed. It tends to build traffic for everyone. But GateHouse Media, which owns 125 newspapers across Massachusetts, doesn’t feel especially grateful […]

New Classifieds Aggregators: iList and Bamboo Ad Net

Local media is so fragmented that its becoming increasingly important to aggregate classifieds from several sources. GoogleBase and Oodle go a long way in this regard – the latter having recently signed Facebook and MySpace as partners for its growing network. But other classified aggregators are coming up the horizon, too. One site that recently […]

Move.com Alumni Launch Web 2.0 Coupon Site

Online coupons are getting more attention, and even adding mobile channels. But no single company has really broken through at the local level. They’re largely for national franchises. Longtime Move.com execs Adam Leff and David Bay clearly recognize the challenge, and the major opportunity in the local merchant space. Since February, they formed a company […]

Newspapers Going to Three Days a Week Delivery?

Increasingly, we’re seeing pressure on newspaper publishers to forgo seven day delivery. The idea is they’d refocus on the development of profitable niche sites and the Thursday, Friday and Sunday editions packed with retail advertising. Under this concept, the other days in the week would have online access to daily replica e-editions and/or smaller print […]

Deutsche Bank Discontinues Local Media Coverage

In disappointing-but-not-unexpected news, Deutsche Bank has discontinued its coverage of local media (i.e. newspapers and television stations). Most of the companies in the space have lost 70-90 percent of their equity value over the past three months. Concurrent with the news was the layoff of a wave of analysts. The first-rate reports from DB analysts […]