CBS Sports Taking Out Local Domains (Too)

ESPN, which revealed a plan this week to launch a series of local sports websites, may soon be contending with local CBS Sports sites as well. As reported by the Fang’s Bites blog, , ESPN has registered at least 26 ESPN(Cityname).com sites, but CBS Sports is also in on the action, having registered at least 15 CBSSports(Cityname).com domains.

Eleven of the cities overlap between ESPN and CBS Sports. These include Atlanta, Baltimore, Boston, Detroit, Los Angeles, Minneapolis, New York, Philadelphia, Sacramento, San Francisco and Washington D.C. All will be competing with local newspapers, radio stations and other sources (Fox anyone?).

2 thoughts on “CBS Sports Taking Out Local Domains (Too)

  1. Check out what NBCU has done with their sites ( et al)… not sports related, but I think they started the “trend” ;-)

  2. at least espn will not televise golf
    called “the buick open”.
    which is nothing but a second class golf course, playing like a par three when you can drive par 4s and reach par 5s in two.
    plus the players are only class 2 players,
    and the best the greatest player in golf can do is 20 under. if he wasn’t getting paid by buick he would not lower himself.

    go espn

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