Living Social Goes Local with Coupon Offers

Living Social, the Facebook breakout that includes Virtual Bookshelf and eight other verticals (music, movies, video games, television shows, restaurants, beer, slopes, iPhone apps), has gone local, hiring a sales rep in both New York and Washington D.C to sell special “Living Social Deals.” Additional large cities are envisioned in the near future.

The coupon offers are limited to one a day and expire at midnight. They go out to the portion of Living Social’s community of 35 million registered users that opt in, either via Facebook, Twitter or to the destination site.

CEO and co-founder Tim O’Shaughnessy told us that he sees the Living Social Deals as “a huge opportunity” to market to customers based on their pronounced online preferences,” and to take those preferences offline. “There are a lot of deals that people want to take part in,” he says. The coupon offers include payment processing.

In Washington, which serves as the company’s headquarters, the program has been live for a month. Offers to date have included a variety of services and products, including dining discounts (i.e. “Pay $10 for $35 worth of dining.”) It has also sold offers for a local chocolate shop, a cukcakery, DC United soccer games, and even a wine-making kit. Spas and hotels are eyed for future offers.

The DC launch was accompanied by an aggressive “Free this gorilla” promotion, in which the company promised to free a chained “gorilla” being driven around on a pedicab around the buzzing Georgetown and Dupont Circle areas once the city “saved” $1 million from offers. People could sign up to receive the e-mailed deals.

Happy hour promotions might be next, due to the company’s recent acquisition of Buy Your Friend a Drink, which now provides sponsored drinks in 275 bars across the U.S.

4 thoughts on “Living Social Goes Local with Coupon Offers

  1. Have you looked at Groupon yet? They just came to San Diego, seem to have at least two or more advertisers hitting a week. Pretty cool “demand” feature. No idea how they make money.

  2. Have you guys heard of the new LivingSocial like site?

    It’s the same thing as LivingSocial except when someone signs up through your referral link, if they or anyone they sign up ever buys a coupon from this site (which you get in a daily e-mail), you earn 5% commission of the coupon purchase price! You earn 5% commission up to 5 levels deep!

    Also, if you sign up a business and they ever offer a coupon, you get 2% of all of their coupon sales!

    About 1000 members are joining everyday now.

    It is 100% free to join.

    There are no coupons yet since the company is in pre-launch.

    It is launching around March 2011 though!

    Check it out:

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