Triton, Deal Current Launch Deal a Day for Radio Stations

The interrelationship of daily deals with TV and radio stations and newspapers intrigues us with potential. While not a big factor, traditional media companies can parlay their brand name, promotional power, sales forces –and Web sites — to reach new merchants that never would have otherwise advertised with them.

Second Street Media, Tippr, TownHog and a host of others are among daily deal white label companies focusing on broadcasters. San Diego-based Deal Current has also been working with broadcasters such as the Journal Broadcast Group among the 66 markets that it is operating in. Now, via a partnership formed with Triton Digital Media’s Loyalty Division, it will be in position to power some of Triton’s 700+ radio clients.

Triton and Deal Current are pitching a package where broadcasters and marketers can keep most of the deal revenue between themselves, with just five percent of revenues assigned for sales, tech, and administration (plus processing fees, which are roughly three percent.) The daily deals package is an optional part of Triton’s “StickyFish” program, which includes loyalty features such as contests, surveys, games and other content.

Triton Loyalty President Chris Bell tell us that Triton and Deal Current can afford to take a smaller chunk from commissions because it already has the relationships in place with the stations. “There is going to be a lot of pressure on margins,” he says.

Bell says Triton and Deal Current’s role with the stations primarily taps their technology and expertise for selling deals and sending out emails. While the stations are not contractually obligated, it is certainly in their interest to also promote the deals on air, and extensions such as their website and social media, he adds.

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