Where 2.0: FourSquare’s Crowley Envisions How Service Grows to 50 Million Users

FourSquare now has over seven million users and a half billion check ins a year. But founder Dennis Crowley has a vision for how the service might use the fact of “being in your pocket” to eventually reach 50 million users.

Speaking at O’Reilly’s Where 2.0 online mapping conference in Santa Clara, Crowley said the service will focus on building a robust platform for developers; provide users with recommendations based on their extremely active usage, and deploy LBS technology to know not only on what street people are on, but things like how fast they are walking.

“We are not just points, tips and game mechanics. It is a combination,” said Crowley. “Under the radar, we have built a platform “just like Facebook Connect for Places.”

Developers can build their own applications for the platform. Developer products already include couponing, data apps and restaurant aggregation,” he said. “We have like 10,000 developers.”

The service itself is focused on providing “a niche that generates data about people and places that is beyond check-in,” said Crowley. User “history is interesting” when users may typically check in three times a day. “We know a lot about you. There are questions we can help you solve.”

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