Datasphere: New Focus on SMB ‘Adjacencies’ like Coupons, Events

We’ve long known that coupons provide real traction for SMB advertising. Nothing beats a customer walking through the door with a coupon in hand. But a lot of SMB website publishers haven’t really focused on them.

DataSphere, on the other hand,,has had a coupons product for some time. But it only recently has really zeroed in on their potential as “an adjacent space” to normal SMB activities, along with events, notes SVP Gary Cowan.

Coupons are actually easier to pull off than daily deals because “they don’t require the level of investment from partners,” he says. “They’re accessible to a wider set of companies. And they target advertising in a similar way.”

DataSphere, which is now in 85 markets with more than 300 sales reps, has taken an approach that more closely resembles “closed loop optimization,” adds Cowan. “We’re now helping businesses provide better content, and to make better offers. We tell them what the difference is between making an offer that is 10 percent off and 30 percent off.”

While coupons don’t drive the same volume as deal publishers such as Groupon, they lead to higher profitability because they feature smaller discounts, and have no commissions. They also typically run for longer time periods than deals.

DataSphere has also been focusing on exposing the coupons across a larger network of relevant sites, including “There is no reason not to publish a coupon on several sites,” says Cowan. “It all goes to help the SMB advertiser in the end, and if they see more value, they’re more likely to stick around.”

With TV station partners such as Gannett and Fisher Communications, Cowan says the focus is on leveraging DataSphere’s increasing scale to “continuously evolve and add services with clear and demonstrable value for small local advertisers.”

One thought on “Datasphere: New Focus on SMB ‘Adjacencies’ like Coupons, Events

  1. Timely article…

    DataSphere appears to be a rising star among a very select handful of service providers that have a tangible trend in making the ‘right waves’ in an area of our industry that in many respects is somewhat ‘lost at sea’.

    Being ahead of the curve requires vision and nimble execution on that vision is a force multiplier.

    With the advent of the digital world – many of our longstanding revenue models for print (and to a lesser degree, broadcast) have been pulled apart to keep pace with the fragmentation of media consumption coupled with the low/no cost of access.

    There is no single solution to counter ‘death by a thousand cuts’,..BUT companies like DataSphere appear to be more of a tourniquet than just a band-aid to stop the bleeding.

    I plan to watch these guys a little closer. Any company that can bring complimentary scale to the long-tail in my markets has my attention.

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