’s Expert Panel: 2013 All About ‘Better Data’ and ‘Better Content’

At this time of year, a lot of us in the analysis and strategic research world are thinking about our predictions for 2013. Some of our predictions will be based on data trends; other predictions will be based on gut instinct vis a vis the relationships between marketing developments, tech developments, and the players that […]

Chase Buys Bloomspot; Banks Continue Invasion of Deals Space

Another bank has telegraphed its strategy in the offers and loyalty space. JP Morgan Chase, the nation’s second largest bank after Bank of America, announced today that it had purchased Bloomspot. The acquisition follows MasterCard’s recent purchase of TruAxis and BarclayCard’s purchase of Analog Analytics. Other banks have partnered with transaction marketing vendors, which include […]

Spending-Based Loyalty Programs: Perka Gets Beyond ‘Buy 10, Get 1’

“Buy 10, Get 1” loyalty programs are directly descended from paper punchcard programs and serve a general purpose. They are especially effective for transactions that are always about the same (i.e. coffee, pizza and the movies). But how do you spur more buying and more frequent buying when transactions are highly variable? This was a […]

Mobile Loco Keynote: Groupon CEO Andrew Mason

Appearing at a time of rumors that Google is in talks to purchase a slumping Groupon on the cheap, Groupon CEO Andrew Mason told The Mobile-Loco conference in San Francisco that the four-year -old, 12,000 employee company remains focused on developing “the first real, local commerce system” for merchants.” The timing of the company’s ascent […]

ILM West: Facebook SMB Global Marketing Head Dan Levy

Facebook is a hugely powerful platform, with 12.8 Million SMB Pages. The number of local business pages advertising has nearly doubled since January. Over 300,,000 pages have promoted 2.5 million posts in just the past six month. Mobile has been especially picking up among SMBs: Over 3 million page owners are using the mobile apps. […]