SFSW: Google Offers’ Mangtini on Enabling a ‘Much Broader Ecosystem’

Google Offers has just celebrated its first anniversary and now has a presence in 40 markets, says Group Products Manager Nitin Mangtini, who was speaking Tuesday at the Street Fight Summit West conference in San Francisco.

Mangtini, who also spoke at BIA/Kelsey’s ILM East in March, stressed that Offers has gone far beyond a homogenous daily deals service. Recognizing that SMBs have different promotional and loyalty needs at different times, Google Offers now includes a variety of “seamless” promotional features and services. These include curated deals; aggregated deals via partners in Google Marketplaces, which is in 25 markets and not differentiated from Offers; SMB self-managed deals; and the Google Rewards credit card loyalty program.

Offers has also become increasingly proficient technologically, with more and more personalization and integration with Google Maps. As of last week, it is also integrated via Google + Local into Android for mobile usage.

Each of the activities reflect Google’s core competencies, including targeting technology, insights and consumer support, says Mangtani. For any partners that want to work with it, Google seeks to promote deals that are more oriented towards quality than sharp discounts. In return, it provides “scaled audience reach and targeting,” he said. “We are a big believer in the ecosystem. We would like to partner with more of you in this industry.”

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