ILM West: Facebook SMB Global Marketing Head Dan Levy

Facebook is a hugely powerful platform, with 12.8 Million SMB Pages. The number of local business pages advertising has nearly doubled since January. Over 300,,000 pages have promoted 2.5 million posts in just the past six month. Mobile has been especially picking up among SMBs: Over 3 million page owners are using the mobile apps. But Facebook has been relatively laissez faire in promoting SMB use of its platform.

Keynoting at ILM West in Los Angeles last week, SMB head Dan Levy acknowledged “We have been slow in this space.” In fact, he notes, it has been up to third parties such as Main Street Hub and to provide Facebook related services. Often, they must do it “without any cooperation” from Facebook. “What if you are a plumber? What do you post on Facebook? We have failed this business,” he says.

But “we are starting to listen,” Levy notes. “How can we lean in and support all of your clients on Facebook?” One thing that Facebook has already done is set up a preferred marketing developer program. Another is to reintroduce an offers program.

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