ILM West: Former TicketMaster CEO Sean Moriarty

The best companies in local to invest in are those that are in a big category, where usage patterns are consistent and where is possible to aggregate supply, notes former TicketMaster CEO Sean Moriarty, who was speaking last week at ILM West in Los Angeles. “They need to be useful for consumers and monetize with advertising.”

AirBnB is a perfect example of “Demand Aggregation,” notes Moriarty, who is now involved in several investments in the space. So is EventBrite, a ticketing service that is one of his investments.

EventBrite provides its users with self service tools that level the playing field and makes its users the equal of “top of the market organizers,” he notes. “They are available to Yoga Classes or wine making classes or to a spoken word series. It is a huge opportunity with a global long tail.”

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