Lem Lloyd’s Move to FixYa: Q&A Sites as Content Marketing

People are getting excited about Content Marketing again this year, with Website, mobile and video editorial content, ratings and reviews, promotions and listings broadening the content farm/search ranking algorithms segment we saw several years go.

Q&A sites are a key component of the new content marketing, driving user generated content, participation and sticky usage. A big believer in them is former Yahoo and Knight Ridder/Digital Cities exec Lem Lloyd, who has just joined Q&A site FixYa as Chief Revenue Officer.

Lloyd notes that FixYa, a company with Israel and Bay Area offices, has 30 million unique visitors in the U.S. and abroad, drawing real scale around “passionate” subjects ranging from high end auto repair to Dyson vacuum cleaners. A search on “brakes” in the Chicago DMA, for instance, got 52,000 searches. “They are devoted to the brands, and making (their products) work,” he says, noting that the site has “some of the highest CPC and RPM” in the industry.

Lloyd argues that while the content is brand-centric, it is also intrinsically local. The site is ultimately focused on local intent, he says. The next steps are to use the site’s 17 million questions to build “a scalable marketplace,” in part by syndicating the content to media sites, he says. Some of that effort will spring from the site’s analytics, which reveal what people are looking for.

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