‘Print SEO’ Efforts Drive Digital Traffic for Traditional Media Advertisers

Digital conversion services have played a key role in getting print advertisers online. But in a “digital first” world, advertisers want to do more than simply replicate their ads.

Some of the real value is taking the content from their ads; making it searchable; and adding it to new channels, including social media, new display ads, directories and event listings.

ShopLocal and Wanderful Media (which took over Travidia) have played a key role here. Similarly, PaperG and its “Flyerboard” pushed the envelope in working broadly with local advertisers to automatically create new online ad formats.

OwnLocal continues to push hard in this direction, working with 2,400 newspapers in the U.S. and recently, Europe, for its “print SEO” efforts. While digital conversion still represents a large portion of the Austin and New York-based company’s revenue, it is now broadly diversifiying.

Co-founder Jeremy Mims sees an opportunity to broadly collect the data found in print ads to create business profiles, where they can be recirculated for SEM, SEO and business data syndication. Typical placements can be in marketing messages, emails and Facebook pages.

OwnLocal has also begun working in a slightly different way with broadcast TV and radio partners. For instance, with TV stations, it is working to disseminate ad spots across all the video platforms, such as YouTube, Vimeo and MetaCafe.

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