Posts Over At NextWaveSMB: Amazon Echo, Mapvertising, SMB Listings, Website Options, Video’s Next Generation

Here is a peek at the 5 most recent entries from my new blog: NextWaveSMB (sponsored by Booker). We’re taking a fresh look at some of the tech issues coming up for SMBs.

1. “Hey Alexa, Hire a Plumber”
“Amazon Echo is an 9” wireless speaker that hears your spoken query and quickly retrieves “answers” from the Internet, your computer, or the Internet of Things in your house (i.e. your Nest Thermostat). You can ask it to play a song or turn off your lights. You can also ask for a ride from Uber or hire a service pro…..”

2. The New Mapvertising
“Here’s a fairly safe prediction: mapvertising will become much more important in coming years…. It will go far beyond the SMB’s use of maps today, which typically focus on throwing a basic map on the Website, and boosting search rankings. Indeed, several marketing concepts are in development that integrates maps with local offerings, including local delivery services and ‘Connected Cars.’”

3. Building Up SMB Lists for Impact
“Almost 80 percent of SMBs maintain some kind of customer list, according to BIA/Kelsey. The vast majority, however, don’t have a real strategy for adding to the list, or zero-ing in on specific customers. Given the technology and services available, the under-leveraging of customer lists is a missed opportunity……”

4. Weighing SMB Website Options: What Are Your Real Needs?
“For many SMBs, Websites remain highly relevant anchors for driving leads and showcasing relevant content and services– blogs, maps, photos, videos, event calendars and scheduling. The question for many SMBs is: how much Website do you need? Websites are hardly a “one size fits all” affair…..”

5. Video’s Next Generation: Driving SMB Awareness and Engagement
“Video for SMBs is entering a new generation, as it becomes more oriented towards online and mobile and can take advantage of cheap and easy video tools. Now, it is up to SMBs to rethink and get more engaged with their video strategies. Today, SMB videos can be produced on smart phones for little or no cost, or at a higher level by networks of trained videographers. And video search has become so sophisticated that videos can be found across the Internet via search engines and other platforms.…”

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