ShopTalk: The Sharing Economy’s Next Phase

Enjoy CEO Ron Johnson

When it comes to retailers, the impact of the gig economy, or sharing economy, is largely a matter of human resources. Workers are heavily oriented (68%) towards Millenials. But they are very fluid in how many hours they work It is split roughly 50/50 between those who want to spend 25 hours or more a week, and those who want to spend less than 25 hours. They are also highly fluid where they choose to work.

At the ShopTalk conference in Las Vegas, Former Apple Stores head and JC Penney President Ron Johnson, who is now CEO and Founder of Enjoy, said 20 percent of Apple Store employees who quit two years ago now drive for Uber. Johnson hopes to enlist sharing economy workers to hand deliver and set up goods, such as cell phones and beds. It is BestBuy’s “Geek Squad,” but the brands pay for the delivery.

Now in 10 cities, Enjoy represents a new wave of “personal commerce,” said Johnson. “We don’t build stores, we just hire people. We create an experience to make you fall in love with the product. You pick the time and place for a delivery appointment, just like Uber.

Also at ShopTalk, Priceline EVP of Global Operations Malle Gavet said the company’s travel and reservation reviews and booking products (Kayak,, OpenTable, Priceline) are also geared around delivering quality experiences. “Providing Sharing and quality at the same time is the next phase of the sharing economy,” she said.

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