Some Favorite Posts From NextWaveSMB

We’ve been thinking hard about the next wave of technology for SMBs, and blogging about it on NextWaveSMB, a new blog brought to you by our innovative friends at Booker.

1. SMBs Reinvent the Digital ‘Experience’ to Surprise and Delight Customers

The idea of a personalized experience is especially important online, which by its nature, can be a “me too” lookalike. As Bonobos CEO Andy Dunn says, “We need to show we care about our customers as people.”

2. Delivery Becomes Strategic for SMB Retailers

How important is it for small business retailers to offer delivery? How timely does it need to be to move the needle on sales and loyalty? And can it be done economically?

3. 7 Cutting Edge Lessons For SMB Retailers From ShopTalk

ShopTalk, a new mega-event with 3,000 attendees, focused on the next wave of retail for both national and local merchants in the face of challenges from online giants such as Amazon. Here are 7 key takeaways.

4. SMB Loans Go Digital: Easier Access, Better Services, More Loans

A new breed of loan providers use a number of data sources to efficiently assess and approve SMB loans. These largely use automation and other online capabilities to process and manage loans. Some also integrate loans with marketing support.

5. Mastering Your ‘Digital Brandformation’

You can buy a lot of advertising, create a new logo and leave a trail of Tweets and “likes.” But what’s really important for building an SMB brand? For marketing strategist MJ Thornburg, it’s all about creating a bigger and better experience – or what she calls a “digital brandformation.”

6. ‘A-Comm’ : Turning Your Schedule Into a Strategic Marketing Tool

Thanks to advances in marketing automation, electronic schedules an be used most effectively to anchor Appointment Commerce and target customers with special promotions to fill last minute openings and slow days; send reminders to book again; upsell and cross-sell them on relevant products; and solicit reviews.

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