Lorem: ‘Always On’ Maintenance and Service for SMBs

Lorem Co-Founders Charlie Fogerty and Sam Wilcoxon (photo courtesy of TechCrunch)

SMBs get very little follow through on key services or tools that they buy. Take Websites, for instance. While websites might “sort of work” for years and years, many SMBs would ideally upgrade their Websites to maximize SEO, optimize for mobile, provide E-commerce capabilities, upgrade logos and artwork, add reporting capabilities, integrate with other services and generate newsletters.

Enter New York-based Lorem – part of a new trend of “always on” SMB service providers. Its network of 100+ qualified freelancers can immediately respond to any query coming from an SMB’s WordPress or Squarespace dashboard, with no need to share passwords, etc.

SMBs pay by the needs of the job, starting at $50. Lorem’s cut is roughly 20% .

The company was created last year by CEO Sam Wilcoxon and President Charlie Fogarty — the former a freelance developer, the latter, a freelance designer. The duo has raised a seed round of $1.1 million from angel investors, including Constant Contact co-founder Randy Parker.

Wilcoxon and Fogarty surmise that there is tremendous potential in the website maintenance market. With easy and affordable access to skilled workers, SMBs will “come back every month for something else,” says Wilcoxon. “Our goal is to have customers click a button and get an immediate connection with a freelancer. There is a long term, lifetime value game here.”

Based on the initial group of hundreds of customers, E-commerce enablement is the biggest need for many SMBs right now. “That makes sense,” says Wilcoxon. “Shopify is the fastest growing Website builder.”

Lorem CEO Sam Wilcoxon is a featured speaker at The B2SMB Summit’s Innovation Day on Oct. 3 in Chicago.

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