GoDaddy’s Steven Aldrich — 6 Themes Guiding SMB Services

GoDaddy CPO Steven Aldrich

GoDaddy Chief Product Officer Steven Aldrich has learned a lot about marketing to SMBs in his tenure at the 20-year-old company, which has greatly expanded its offerings from Domain registration to a wide range of SMB needs, including websites, email, marketing, online commerce and bookkeeping.  At the end of 2016, Domain registration represented just half of the company’s revenue.

Aldrich focused on six key themes in a recent email exchange with us:

1. Everything should be about empowerment:  We have a sharp vision to radically shift the global economy toward small businesses by empowering people to easily start, confidently grow and successfully run their own venture.

2. Give it to them “Their Way”:  Our customers’ needs differ depending on their region, lifecycle stage and vertical. The most powerful service to one small business owner could be completely useless to another.

3. Give them round the clock support: Small business owners typically start their business as a side hustle. They work a full-time job and then will come home and work late at night on their venture. We’ve learned that having localized customer care that’s available 24/7 is incredibly helpful. Our customers know they can call us anytime and we’ve learned that’s really valuable.

4. Act like their business partner:  . Most of our customers are solopreneurs or fall into the category of five employees or fewer. These business owners are doing everything themselves and see GoDaddy as a business partner who provides easy to use, affordable technology that is backed by people.

5. Don’t sell them things out of context:  Businesses don’t want to be “sold”. They want services they need and will quickly realize the value (or lack of value) to new services. We work hard to recommend services that are adjacent to an existing service that customers have bought from us and present in context so it makes sense at that moment.

6. Save them time:  A lot of our customers are out in the field and don’t necessarily have time to build a website on their desktop. We recently launched a mobile-friendly website builder product called GoCentral which helps our customers build a better custom website in under an hour … and they can accomplish this from their mobile phone.

GoDaddy CPO Steven Aldrich joins a jam-packed lineup of SMB marketing superstars at The B2SMB Summit in Chicago Oct.3-4. More info here.

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  1. My website has been down for 10 days. I have multiple paid services to correct this even though I am pretty sure this was a Go Daddy problem. I have made over 20 calls and almost 20 hours on the phone. Multiple “senior” engineers, supervisors and 15 techs and they all give me a different answer.

  2. Jamie – thanks for reaching out to me yesterday to let me know there was a problem. I’m sorry that your site was not functioning after getting comprised and that we took too long to fix it. Steven

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