DexYP’s Gordon Henry — ‘Stop Being Amazon’d to Death’

DexYP EVP and CMO Gordon Henry

Yellow Pages can shift into an even larger business that not only sells advertising, but provides complete marketing and administrative services, according to DexYP EVP and CMO Gordon Henry, who is set to speak at The B2SMB Summit, one of his first appearances since Dex merged with YP last winter to form a Yellow Pages and local search giant with 700,000 customers and $2 Billion in annual revenue.

Henry gave a preview of DexYP’s strategy in a great podcast with the LSA’s Charles Laughlin.  SMBs are being “Starbucked and  Amazon’d and Domino’d to death,” said Henry, referring to growing competition from national, regional and VC backed firms.  “A big part of our strategy is to help them in a very tough environment. “

Advertising remains a strong-point for the company and is being reinvigorated. “We are in the leads business,” said Henry.

But the company sees even more opportunity in its new cloud-based THRYV platform business, which Henry  calls an “augmentation” of the company’s advertising business.  The platform provides 14 features “rolled into one solution,” including CRM, content marketing, appointments, payments, listings updates, mobile responsiveness and a social media console,” says Henry.  “THRYV not only helps SMBs acquire customers, but keep and grow those customers.”

“We’re finding lots of applications” for THRYV, says Henry.  “Realtors, boutique stores…lots of uses for this. We think it is going to be bigger than Yellow Pages.”

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