Pitney Bowes’ Michael Griffiths — Shipping’s Role for SMB E-Commerce

Michael Griffiths, Pitney Bowes’ Vice President – Global Marketing & Communications, Retail & Ecommerce

One of the key topics we’ll be tackling at The B2SMB Summit is the rise of the new generation of e-commerce, which has raised the bar for SMBs competing against larger enterprises.  Nearby warehouses, speedy delivery, efficient shipping and handling and ease of return are among the factors that SMBs need help with to level the playing field.

That’s where the “new” Pitney Bowes comes in. During its 100 years + history, the company has traditionally been associated with in-office stamp machines. In recent years, its mission has evolved to aid businesses with all kinds of  adjacent, e-commerce related services.

Two years ago, PB bought BorderFree to aid in international commerce. It also bought Maponics, which maps locations for companies. Now, the company has focused directly on SMB e-commerce via the acquisition of Newgistics, an Austin-based provider of parcel delivery, returns, fulfillment and digital commerce solutions for retailers and e-commerce brands.  The company processes nearly 100 million parcels annually, including more than half of all returns shipped through the USPS.

At The B2SMB Summit, PB’s E-commerce exec Michael Griffiths will share PB’s insights into SMB ecommerce issues on our special session: “Creating Level Playing Fields for SMBs.” He’ll be joined on the panel by Jenn Allen, Cisco’s Go-to-Market Leader for SMBs.

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