LocalOnliner’s Top 10 Most Popular Postings of 2017 (+ Our Favorites)

It felt like local digital marketing’s evolution speeded up a lot in 2017, especially for enterprise companies targeting locally. The evolution of SMB marketing is not happening quite as fast.

I think you’ll get a good sense of “what happened” in 2017 from my Top 10 “Most Read” and “Favorite” posts. Click on a link below to see the post.


1. The DexYP Merger: Focusing on Building Scale and Overcoming the Stigma
2. YP.com CEO Jared Rowe at LSA 17: We Will ‘Go Deep,’ Leverage Scale
3. Yext’s IPO: Will Location Management Be King?
4. Borrell: Local Media Share of Local Digital Advertising is Down to 18%
5. GoDaddy’s Steven Aldrich — 6 Themes Guiding SMB Services
6. Hearst’s Rob Barrett on The Strategic Use of Big Data
7. ‘Local Curation Commerce,” Pt. I: Bean Box Takes Roasters National
8. Top 10 SMB Factoids Presented at Street Fight Summit 2017
9. Betting on Local Wi-Fi: A Look at ZenReach and LinkNYC
10. Local Onliner Bookshelf: Jason Calacanis’ ‘Angel’


1. SMBs, The Public Interest, and Network Neutrality’s Repeal
2. SMBs Are Stalled with FinTech; Its Long-Term Influence Remains Inevitable
3. The Shift in B2SMB (and Why We are Putting on The B2SMB Summit)
4. Looking at SMB OS (and What SMBs Really Want)
5. How Amazon Will Use Whole Foods as a Local Retail and Lifestyle Platform
6. ‘Beyond Advertising’ Social and Commerce Role Grows
7. Pepsi’s Ad: The Disaster Caused by its Social Driven Program
8. ShopTalk17: Retailers as ‘Hyperlocal Shoppable Destinations’
9.Media Cos Shifting ‘Labs’ Towards Productization, Revenue
10. The (Re) Focus on Verticals as Integrated Platforms

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