Latest News on ILM:08, Santa Clara (Nov.19-21)

We’re just about ready to go with Interactive Local Media: 08, which is Nov.19-21 in Santa Clara, in the heart of Silicon Valley. It should be a very important, game-defining event – and the first one for The Kelsey Group in the new BIA Advisory Services era (they acquired Kelsey last week, adding resources and […]

JD Power Roundtable: Mobile Catching On for Auto Shopping

At JD Power’s Automotive Internet Roundtable in Las Vegas this week, several speakers said that they believe mobile search and services are an increasingly important part of auto marketing –assertions backed up by JD Power research showing that 18 percent of auto shoppers use mobile during the car buying process, up from 15 percent in […]

JD Power Internet Roundtable: Auto Dealers in Tough Times

JD Power’s Annual Automotive Internet Roundtable is being held in Las Vegas, amidst an industry that is being especially hard hit by the credit industry. Indeed, a bunch of dealers at breakfast this morning estimated that “90-95 percent” of their sales are made on credit, and not many are going through right now. Sales themselves […]

Just Announced: Big Time Lineup for ILM 08, Silicon Valley

OK, we’ve got the format(s) and “best and brightest” speaker roster set for Interactive Local Media: Extending Local Channels, which is Nov. 19-21 in Santa Clara, next to San Jose. At the top of the list is Angie Hicks, “the Angie” from Angie’s List, and Rodney Rice from ServiceMagic. They’ll tell it all during one-on-one […]

DMS ’08: V-Enable –The Potential for Mobile Voice Search

Local voice search advertising is already getting promising results, with widespread reach, and high click through rates, according to V-Enable CMO Craig Hagopian, who was speaking at DMS 08. V-Enable is a San Diego-based mobile voice search company with 65 employees. It partners with, Yellow Book, and AT&T’s Ingenio and Hagopian said that […]

DMS ’08 Keynote: Briggs Ferguson, President, Idearc Internet

Former Citysearch President Briggs Ferguson, who took the helm at Idearc Internet and its flagship about five months ago, said during a keynote at Kelsey’s DMS show in Atlanta that he sees tremendous potential for the Yellow Pages industry. “It should be much bigger than it is today. At the very least, we get […]