, Google at Kelsey Seattle: ‘Google’s Place in Verticals’

Google is a collaborative partner with all verticals, and generally speaking, has no interest in competing with them, per Adrian Madland, Google’s head of automotive strategic partnerships, who was speaking at Kelsey Seattle.“We love all the vertical people in the room,” said Madland. “We don’t do verticals. We try to make them better. We want […]

Yahoo!’s Michael Yang at Kelsey Seattle: Verticals Front-and-Center

If you believe at all in the “marketplace” vision of next generation commerce, it is hard to dispute that Yahoo! remains front –and- center as a verticals factory. This core strength of Yahoo!’s is especially important to note in the wake of Microsoft’s pullback from acquiring the company. What accounts for Yahoo’s focus on verticals […]

Kelsey Seattle: The Wrap (and Links)

So – our Drilling Down on Local: Marketplaces event in Seattle has finally come and gone. There were some challenges here and there. But in the end, we successfully specced out the Marketplaces vision, and the age-old idea (from Clue Train Manifesto, Circa 2000) that “Markets are Conversations.” Indeed, two weeks ago The Kelsey Group […]

Kelsey Seattle Next Week: Google, Avvo, Loladex+++

At long last, The Kelsey Group’s Drilling Down on Local: Marketplaces program is just around the corner. Our version of Coachella (or Woodstock) takes place NEXT WEEK, Wed. to Friday April 30-May 2 at The Westin in Seattle. We think it is the first conference exclusively dedicated to the development of local online marketplaces. It […]

BIA ’08 Exec Forum: ‘Use Radio to Drive Users to the Web’

Radio stations selling Internet packages to advertisers such as car and furniture dealers should focus on “high engagement” inventory, and generally work to engage their users like online air talent did during radio’s golden era, according to Emmis Interactive’s Deborah Esayian. Emmis Interactive is the online arm of Emmis Communications, the ninth largest radio broadcast […]

OK, Here’s The Lineup for SEATTLE, April 30-May 2

It’s been a lot of fun putting this together – a “who’s who” lineup for Kelsey’s Drilling Down on Local: Marketplaces, which takes places April 30-May 2 in Seattle (my favorite city). This show, entirely inspired by Kelsey’s Marketplaces research program, which I run, takes a fresh stab at everything, with a major focus on […]

‘Local’ Surprisingly Prominent at Health 2.0

The smart “post Web” money is looking at healthcare (and green solutions), right? But while the subject may no longer be search engines or ecommerce, it’s still about Web and mobile applications. And local is still the last frontier to conquer. At least, based on Health 2.0: User -Generated Healthcare, a conference that took place […]