Closing The Book on ILM:07

(Pic by Simon Heseltine) It is hard for me to comprehend, but we are finally finished with ILM:07. We were grateful to have had 650 interesting and enthusiastic attendees from all over the world; 72 stimulating speakers; a full load of sponsors; and an excellent partnership with SES. Our next conference, April 30-May 2 at […]

ILM: 07 – RHDi’s Jake Winebaum Sees Verticalization, Simplified Sales

A major benefit associated with RH Donnelley’s $345 million purchase of in July was getting founder Jake Winebaum. RHD needed an Internet change agent, and Winebaum clearly fit the bill after having played that role at Disney and other firms. At ILM:07 in LA last week, Winebaum gave his first major speech since […]

ILM:07 –Chamath Palihapitiya on Facebook’s Local Opportunity

Facebook VP of Product Development Chamath Palihapitiya, during a keynote at our ILM:07 conference in LA, says Facebook is keenly interested in driving local advertising via local media partners, its own outreach efforts and other means. Just six months after opening up beyond the college and high school student market, Facebook now has 55 million […]

ILM: 07 —’s Charles Stubbs on InGenio Purchase

At the Interactive Local Media: 07 conference that we are holding in Los Angeles, we got President Charles Stubbs to drop in as an unannounced speaker to talk about the InGenio purchase. Speculation puts the size of the InGenio purchase, which should close in early 2008, at being anywhere from $75 million to $200 […]