End of Silos: Leaf Ties SMB Processing, Marketing and Back Office Ops

We’ve always had “marketing” as a unique silo for SMBs. Now, a number of companies are looking at a bigger, more integrated picture that includes marketing and operations. It is Quikbook meets Amex meets Groupon. The idea is once you have a SMB account, work to extend that relationship. They don’t want to work with […]

Gannett Digital Marketing Solutions Rebrands as G/O Digital

Gannett Digital Marketing, the umbrella division of Gannett that includes ShopLocal, BlinQ, PointRoll, DealChicken, Key Ring and Clipper Magazine, relaunched today as G/O Digital. The new unit – which is adding a massive hub in a Chicago skyscraper, and is specifically kept separate from Gannettt’s media properties — is lead by longtime ShopLocal head Vikram […]

SevaCall: Qualified Service Leads in 90 Seconds

Fast, efficient service leads has been a goal of numerous companies since the commercialization of the Internet. Richard Rosen and his team at FastCall411 pioneered the space seven or eight years ago, although their service was initially limited to hiring car service. The first car service to respond to queries would win the job. Several […]

LevelUp: We’re ‘Android,’ Square is ‘Apple’

You want vision? LevelUp CEO Seth Priebatsch says his loyalty/transaction marketing company will emerge as a partner for SMBs — think authentication, orders and refunds and analytics — in the same way that Facebook Connect is a partner for media sites. LevelUp, of course, doesn’t have the loyalty/transaction marketing space to itself. We are tracking […]

ExactTarget: Email Remains ‘Backbone of Customer Engagement’

Is email still the anchor for customer engagement, given the rise of mobile, social media, texting, websites and big data? With people joking that they don’t even know what email is, you have to wonder. ExactTarget, which specializes in email marketing and other personalized marketing programs, argues that email is more central than ever before. […]

LevelUp’s Sales Deal with Heartland Payment: A Discussion with Heartland’s Sarah Owen

As traditional local media players begin to lose some of their prominence, the search for alternative local sales channels has become increasingly important. The channel currently being explored: payment processors, which normally focus on selling Point of Sales systems. Processors start out with a technological advantage; the “big data” from consumer purchases can help produce […]

Street Fight Summit West: Clover Talks Tablet Power

Cloud-fed Tablets are powerful, game changing tools for SMB payment processing, marketing and promotion. That’s the view of Clover Co-President Leonard Speiser, who was speaking this week at The Street Fight Summit West conference in San Francisco. Clover is a company that provides cloud-based processing solutions for SMBs. Tablets have “all the power of the […]