Street Fight Summit West: Clover Talks Tablet Power

Cloud-fed Tablets are powerful, game changing tools for SMB payment processing, marketing and promotion. That’s the view of Clover Co-President Leonard Speiser, who was speaking this week at The Street Fight Summit West conference in San Francisco. Clover is a company that provides cloud-based processing solutions for SMBs. Tablets have “all the power of the […]

AnyPerk Expands Concept of Employer Driven Discount Clubs

We like the idea of using corporations as a distribution base for media and services. In the 1990s, The Family Education Network built a great newsletter business distributed in corporate lobbies. The concept’s been widely extended with the addition of email and the ability to more effectively target employees based on different criteria. NextJump, for […]

Merchant Warehouse Moves Up Value Chain From Payments to ‘Engagement’

Payment processors and related companies work with most SMBs and are increasingly seen as a potential sales channel for reaching them with additional services. This week, we talked with one processor, Boston-based Merchant Warehouse, about its efforts to leverage its base of 75,000 business customers beyond terminal sales. CEO Henry Helgeson told us the 15 […]

Payments 2013: Opportunities in The Next Wave of Payment Technologies

Will tech companies like Google, Apple, eBay/PayPal, Amazon, Microsoft, Square and Intuit move in on the role traditionally played by banks? It is a distinct possibility in the not-too-distant future, as digitalized transactions, mobile payments and offers, and digital wallets usher in a debit-oriented environment that loosens traditional ties to credit cards and bank branch […]

Payments 2013: New Payment Options Forcing Banks, Others to Change

Disruption happens. In the local space, we’re seeing it happen with Yellow Pages and newspapers. Banks are seeing it happen as well, which will cause a major change in the way that customers keep track of their money, buy goods and services and stay “loyal” to merchants. At NACHPA’s Payments 2013 in San Diego this […]

IAB Leadership Meeting: The Pros and Cons of Big Data for Advertisers

Ad industry heavyweights at the IAB Leadership Meeting in Phoenix this week wrestled with the meaning of Big Data on advertising. The industry’s fascination with Big Data was certainly fully on display. “Big Data is the new black,” joked IAB CEO Randall Rothenberg. But Rothenberg cautioned against the misapplication of Big Data, which could result […]