Payments 2013: New Payment Options Forcing Banks, Others to Change

Disruption happens. In the local space, we’re seeing it happen with Yellow Pages and newspapers. Banks are seeing it happen as well, which will cause a major change in the way that customers keep track of their money, buy goods and services and stay “loyal” to merchants. At NACHPA’s Payments 2013 in San Diego this […]

IAB Leadership Meeting: The Pros and Cons of Big Data for Advertisers

Ad industry heavyweights at the IAB Leadership Meeting in Phoenix this week wrestled with the meaning of Big Data on advertising. The industry’s fascination with Big Data was certainly fully on display. “Big Data is the new black,” joked IAB CEO Randall Rothenberg. But Rothenberg cautioned against the misapplication of Big Data, which could result […]

AOL’s Tim Armstrong at IAB: ‘Now is Lowest Competitive Bar, Highest Opportunity’

The shift to online and mobile is having very specific impacts on the physical world for the first time, and represents “the lowest competitive bar and the highest opportunity” in the 20 years since the Web became commercialized, according to AOL CEO Tim Armstrong, who spoke today at The IAB Annual Leadership Meeting in Phoenix. […]

Edo Interactive Directly Targeting SMBs for Loyalty Services

Loyalty sales (including analytics) are typically associated with large brands such as Hilton and United Airlines. But a number of companies have been also trying to crack the code on SMBs, where the volume is. This week, Edo Interactive announces it is doubling down on its SMB loyalty efforts, going far beyond what it has […]

Bank of America Launches BankAmericaDeals with Cardlytics

A big milestone was reached last week when Bank of America launched its BankAmericaDeals loyalty and rewards product to many of its 59 million customers. The launch of the product, a partnership with Cardlytics, suggests a coming of age for the new card-linked loyalty space. Indeed, more than 20 card-linked companies are vying to take […]