Cool Names for Location Services: R U ‘Geo Jam’n’?

Location Based Services for mobile haven’t been given the marketing-friendly monikers of say, “iTunes.” Some solutions were presented this week at CTIA Wireless Entertainment in L.A. by Joe Astroth, AutoDesk’s Executive VP of Location Services. Astroth proposes the following: • POtainment for the point of entertainment (e.g. W Cities enhanced content). • Geo Jam’n for […]

Local is ‘Critical’ for Free DA

Local advertisers who sponsor free Directory Assistance (DA) services are
seeing high conversion rates, as consumers happily accept “steal away”
messages from competing businesses offering audio coupons, expedited delivery and other promotions when they call in for a specific number, according to Jingle Networks, which operates 1(800)Free-411.

The company says that a local locksmith got 21.9 percent conversion rates, an online ticket broker got 13.4 percent conversion, a cable and telecom provider got 10.6 percent conversion, ServiceMagic got a 10 percent conversion, a national pizza delivery company got 6.8 percent conversion, and a local automotive services company got five percent conversion. The release quotes a Service Magic executive as saying that his conversion rate is “double” the four-to-six percent that the company might have gotten on a search engine.

Jingle’s release coincides with the release of “Advertiser Paid Info Services: Understanding ‘Free’”, a groundbreaking report by my colleagues at The Pierz Group, which is probably the leading authority on All Things DA. The report projects that Free DA will constitute 25 percent of today’s 6.1 billion DA calls by 2010.