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Thank you for coming to my personal site. During my 29-year career, I have done pioneering research and strategic consulting in hyperlocal content, vertical media, loyalty and promotion services, broadband services, city guides, public access television and telecom/cable TV regulation.

I regularly speak about digital trends, and publish regularly as The Local Onliner, a blog I have been writing since 2006. I have also developed and written some great newsletters, including Interactive Consumers, a research driven newsletter based on Find/SVP’s American Information User Survey; and Enhanced Services Outlook, a major telecom industry resource developed following the breakup of AT&T. Books that I have contributed to include “Crossing the River” (2005) a collection of digital strategies for political campaigns from the E-Voter Institute; and “Marketing Power” (1999) a collection of articles that were published in American Demographics.

In 1986, I began my post graduate career as Director of Research at The Cable Television Information Center, a spinoff from The Urban Institute. From 1990 to 1998, I was Vice President for Arlen Communications, a period in which I was also affiliated with Find/SVP, Link Resources and Coopers & Lybrand. In 1998, I joined The Kelsey Group, a predecessor of BIA/Kelsey, to launch the Local Online Commerce program. I served as Chief Analyst and Vice President at BIA/Kelsey from 2006 to 2015, and am current an advisor to the firm. I have also done nonprofit analysis for The U.S. Department of Commerce (NTIA), The John & Mary Markle Foundation, The Benton Foundation and the Sloan Foundation.

I have an M.A. in Communications Management from The Annenberg School of Communications at the University of Southern California. My B.A. is in liberal arts from Sarah Lawrence College in Bronxville, New York.

Before I began my post-graduate career, I did a lot of neat things. Just for fun, they include:

• Newspaper Delivery Boy, Reporter Dispatch (Gannett)
• Gopher, Electric Lady Studios (yes, Jimi Hendrix’s place)
• Usher, The Hollywood Bowl
• Intern, ABC Radio Networks
• Free-lance Reporter, Billboard Magazine
• Record Store Clerk, DiscoMat, Crazy Eddie’s and Tower Records on Sunset Blvd.
• Guy Friday, Metropolis Magazine
• Christmas “Executive,” Bloomingdale’s
• Copywriter, J. Walter Thompson Recruitment Advertising

I live in Ashland, Oregon with my wife Sharon. I have also lived in Carlsbad, CA and Washington DC. But I still consider myself a New Yorker — I grew up in Chappaqua. You can learn more about the personal side of me on Facebook. Please feel free to write to me here: peterkrasilovsky at gmail.com.

2 thoughts on “About Me

  1. gary krane PhD

    Peter, would love to email you directly and attach our exec sum, refs, my bio, etc and a JD
    in case you might get blown away by what we are pioneering and therefore might be willing to forward the attachments to someone willing to at least advise me (if too busy or to expensive to be hired) for the next month or so, in doing our adwords campaign to get our first 5000 users, IF they were blown away by our potential and my openness to let them use me as a lab for their own creative ideas.

    We at CoupleWise are pioneering the next stage after dating sites:

    Whereas Match helps millions of couples get together, we want to become the app of choice that helps millions stay and grow together, especially those with kids, or for the lack of one or two basic teachable skills might have succeeded. We can also be terribly useful to help people separate and move on amicably if they have no business being together.

    I noticed in your blog a reference to “radical connectivity,” which I better research. But in the meantime it reminded me to think and hope that if it means anything, hopefully it at least includes the need for technology to address the last basic human need that technology, until CoupleWise, has been basically not only ignoring, but in fact making matters worse: The need to keep and grow the love we find. After all, after 25 years of tech explosion, are we happier? And isn’t the main predictor of happiness the quality of our closest human relationships–how well we love and are loved by those closest to us? And by “making things worse,” I mean how tech has been causing us to be less connected with those who are closest to us, more distracted from what is key to democracy reviving itself, and so forth.

  2. Peter Post author

    Gary: Happy to chat for a few minutes, but if you are looking to hire a consultant for SEO planning, write to me at peter at localonliner.com. I’ll send you some of my favorite people.

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