About Me

Thank you for coming to my personal site. I am Chief Analyst and Vice President at BIA/Kelsey. I also run the company’s conference programming.

I’ve been tracking the transition of media and commerce to the Internet since the mid-1980s, when I received a Masters in Communications Management — at that time, a new field — at The Annenberg School of Communications at USC.

Along the way, I have helped many of the most innovative media companies, financial institutions, ISPs and Telecom Companies, retailers, governmental entities, trade associations and non-profits.

I have partnered with a number of research firms, including Arlen Communications, Borrell Associates, Find/SVP and Link Resources (IDC). My longtime association with BIA/Kelsey (“The Kelsey Group”), a leader in directional advertising research and strategy, began in 1997, when I started focusing on local online commerce.

Before I began my post graduate career, I did a lot of neat things. Just for fun, they include:

• Newspaper Delivery Boy, Gannett’s Reporter Dispatch
• Gopher, Electric Lady Studios (yes, Jimi Hendrix’s place)
• Usher, The Hollywood Bowl
• Intern, ABC Radio Networks
• Free-lance Reporter, Billboard Magazine
• Record Store Clerk, DiscoMat, Crazy Eddie’s and Tower Sunset
• Guy Friday, Metropolis Magazine
• Christmas “Executive,” Bloomingdale’s
• Copywriter, J. Walter Thompson Recruitment Advertising

I live in Ashland, Oregon with my wife Sharon. I have also lived in Carlsbad,CA and Washington DC. But I still consider myself a proud New Yorker — I grew up in Chappaqua. You can learn more about the personal side of me on Facebook. Please feel free to write to me here: peterkrasilovsky at gmail.com.

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