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September 5, 2017

Name Change, New Focus for Belly

The reality of loyalty marketing programs that aimed to bridge online and offline commerce is, so far, less spectacular. There still are several companies in the space, including FiveStars and Empyr. “I don’t think anyone has achieved any type of traction,” says Peter Krasilovsky, a digital marketing consultant in Ashford, Ore., and longtime watcher of the space. “I don’t see a big percentage being allocated to loyalty and (customer relationship management software.) People like idea of using loyalty marketing; it’s just not the technology vendors who are winning.”

April 7, 2017

Make Peace, Not War, With Facebook

Peter Krasilovsky, an analyst who follows local marketing, points to one strong example of “co-opetition” between local broadcast and Facebook. “Some broadcast groups like Nexstar have actually done a really good job of leveraging social media tools and channels to bring more relevancy into their news coverage, get people back to their websites and give their agencies a more complete picture to sell,” he says.

March 15, 2017

Yext’s IPO Could Raise All Boats in Local — And Herald Consolidation

In 2014, Yext worked to complement PowerListings with location-driven “Pages” as an upsell. “Reviews” were added in 2016. On paper, both features help to complete the package. Yet, penetration figures haven’t been provided for either, and it isn’t clear whether either can make a big dent in these highly competitive spaces. It would be a major coup if they can.

One of the macro-questions for us is whether location management can “win” as a new local anchor that everyone else builds around. Every company has to start somewhere, but it doesn’t necessarily make sense that location will ride herd over such strong features as search, web pages, reviews, promotions and content marketing. The answer is important to players such as Google, Facebook, Yelp, YP, Go Daddy, Constant Contact etc. Most of these, of course, are Yext partners.

Peter Krasilovsky, Chief Analyst, Local Onliner

July 14, 2016

Online Reviews Rate High For Customer Insight

Ratings and reviews are more than the sum of numbers and words. The emerging challenge for marketers, Krasilovsky said, is to take a highly strategic view of the data. “On a basic level, the information is extremely valuable for reputation management and tracking the growing array of sites and sources for posts,” he told “But it also offers a far more strategic way to gain marketing insights, including around more advanced marketing opportunities and lead generation.”

March 3, 2016

Groupon Looks Like No Bargain to Suitors After 89% Gain in Month

As Groupon evolves into a marketplace, it wants consumers to approach the site in the same way they go to Inc., said Peter Krasilovsky, principal at researcher Local Onliner. “That really does take a reintroduction of the brand,” Krasilovsky said.

February 24, 2016

Digital ‘Liquefaction,’ Data Disrupt Traditional Business Models

“The (Freemium) concept is effective from a business and marketing standpoint because it allows an organization to distribute a product or service quickly and at a relatively low cost,” explained Peter Krasilovsky. For a startup or a larger company testing a new product or service, the approach can also tap heavily into word of mouth or a viral strategy. Of course, at some point, the business must find a way to monetize the product or service. “A lot of companies that start with a free service never get to the point where they can charge customers,” he added.

December 31, 2015

Marketing Leaders Predict: Will 2016 Be The Year of Creativity?

It’s now about mobile commerce, not just eyeballs. E-wallets, loyalty, beacon recognition, and mobile coupons will become increasingly integrated into shopping activities.
–Peter Krasilovsky, Principal, Local Onliner

November 3, 2015

Groupon at Crossroads After Weak Forecast, Management Shakeup

Groupon could either plod on alone, or be acquired as a whole or in parts, said Peter Krasilovsky, an analyst at researcher BIA/Kelsey. “A company like an American Express or any large provider of services for small businesses could have a lot of synergies with Groupon,” he said. “There’s some gold that they could have with their list.”

October, 2015

Five Online Marketing Tips for Small Firms

“ provides an opportunity for smart, entrepreneurial lawyers to compete on a level playing field,” says Peter Krasilovsky, vice president and chief analyst at BIA/Kelsey, a consultancy focused on local marketing.

September-October, 2015

CLOs: Not Quite Ready for The Big Leagues

“Under-utilization is still the watchword when it comes to CLOs,” says Peter Krasilovsky, VP and Chief Analyst of BIA/Kelsey, a research firm specializing in media and marketing. “We continue to see only a small percentage of merchants implement them. Nonetheless, more merchants are stepping up to the plate.”

July 16, 2015

Groupon Moves on Grubhub, Adds Restaurant Delivery

“We do see a marshaling of resources around delivery,” says Peter Krasilovsky, an analyst in Ashland, Ore., for researcher BIA Kelsey. “They’re all converging toward a platform solution. In delivery, they see a platform for not just finding things but for payments and promotion, as well.”

June 18, 2015
In A Digital World, Marketing Innovation Means ‘Leading The Possible’

Peter Krasilovsky, vice president and chief analyst for BIA/Kelsey, said that it’s critical to apply the same thinking to tools, technologies, and overall strategies. “Many CMOs continue to focus on a heavy diet of advertising, but today’s marketing solutions require campaigns that are integrated with social media and other channels, such as transaction-based analytics,” he told

May 29, 2015

Google’s Path to Mobile Payments Runs Through Chicago

“Groupon is a significant e-commerce player, especially with Groupon Goods,” says Peter Krasilovsky, an analyst at BIA/Kelsey. “Given that more than half of Groupon’s activities are driven from mobile, it makes a lot of sense.”

May 5, 2015

Former Apple Executive’s SessionM Raises More Than $12 Million

“The best customers are those that keep on coming back, and that’s what loyalty programs are all about,” said Peter Krasilovsky, chief analyst at researcher BIA/Kelsey in Chantilly, Virginia. “It’s extremely driven by mobile and geolocation.”

April 28, 2015

VC Firms see Signpost Pointing to Growth

BIA/Kelsey’s Krasilovsky says it’s not a given that smaller businesses want to focus on CRM marketing and build these types of programs. The analyst is upbeat about Signpost’s prospects but says it’s not a slam dunk to succeed, “Smaller businesses aren’t generally very focused on sophisticated marketing and they don’t often pick up the ball to engage in these types of activities.” And of course, competition could ramp up. Square, Google, and Intuit have all entered the space. Krasilovsky weighed in saying IPO talk is premature, but he did say a Google or Facebook may potentially buy Signpost if the company successfully expands interest among small businesses in CRM software: “If Signpost’s emphasis on CRM proves to be a new way for smaller businesses to understand their customers and market themselves, it could have a homerun.”