Recent Projects

Business Development: Researched executives and made introductions for a new platform concept. Effort led to several affiliation agreements.

Strategic Assessment
: Researched interest in a new technology concept for retailers. Developed a list of industry contacts and made introductions. Effort led to shift in strategy.

Competitive Intelligence: Researched industry trends, covering features, usage and marketing strategies. Effort reinforced company’s investment approach.

Corporate Retreat: Managed day-long retreat for a new startup. Effort included a “keynote” presentation and a discussion with outside executives. We also met with investors.

Corporate Blog: Created a blog for a major platform provider dedicated to trends in digital for SMBs and state-of-the-art digital marketing tools. Effort led to product demos for sponsor.

Event Development: We provided high level strategic support for a new conference on Virtual Reality. Effort included oversight on sponsorship and ticket sales model, marketing and content.

Event Coverage: Attended and covered key events of interest to clients, including ShopTalk, Borrell Local Online Advertising Conference, Virtual Reality Summit, Money2020, Streetfight and Local Search Association.