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The Chairman’s Session at BIA/Kelsey: The Top 4 Things to Know

Video is now available for purchase from the third and most evolved edition of BIA/Kelsey NATIONAL, which took place March 25-27 in Dallas. At the show, we saw that industry leaders were in general agreement that major progress has been made among all the stakeholders in “national marketing, local targeting.” Many speed bumps, however, are still being felt along the way. Key stakeholders, including agencies, media companies, franchises and local franchisees are, by necessity, transforming their identifies as they adjust to the new digital (and mobile) marketplace.

During our Chairman’s Session that closed the show on Day 3, Houston Chronicle, Yahoo and Fox Interactive Media vet Warren Kay, Speakeasy CEO Mike Orren, SuperPages vet Robyn Rose and 3rd Act Marketing CEO Gregg Stewart provided their summary insights into four key topics in “national marketing, local targeting.” Among them:

1. The time is finally ripe for National Local. Research by the CMO Council – cited by BizHive’s Dave Walker – noted that 57 percent of CMOs say that local programs are important, but only seven percent of CMOs have a successful program in place. Success, however, will soon become more apparent.

National local programs are “at the beginning of becoming the next big thing,” said Orren. “If there was a graph that showed where innovation and cost effectiveness begin to make sense for local, the line has now begun to be crossed.”

“Scar tissue” remains from the “embarrassment and disappointment” of early local marketing efforts, added Warren Kay. But now “informed decision makers really understand national local, and how they might apply the type of budget they have. That will drive the local marketing space in the future.”

2. Media and directory companies are transitioning to the new environment. Local newspapers and directories still play a real role in targeting locally – and regionally. But they are also being forced to re-evaluate their core strengths.

It is a simple admission to note that many advertisers really aren’t getting ROI from the traditional products, notes Robyn Rose. But they can reposition themselves by providing consultative services with their advertisers. “You really have to understand your partners. If you are targeting local or franchise locations, for instance, you need vertical and regional experts, she says.

Mike Orren notes that media companies are well positioned to guide and sell local businesses and even national business in their market. But they can’t get “hung up” over moving their own inventory. Their core asets are not their product, but their “brand, reputation and feet on the street,” he says.

Gregg Stewart says that the key thing is that media companies are now being judged entirely on their effectiveness. “At the end of the day, the advertiser doesn’t care if (the media is) local or not. They want to sell something. They will look at whatever they can buy that is fastest and cheapest,” he says.

3. Some things are automated, and some things are not. Relying solely on automation and “air coverage” doesn’t work at every level, especially in local.

“There is a paradox in local,” says Gregg Stewart. Marketers build their attack the CMO level. Programmatic sales and other automation are highly effective for doing that, he says. But you need to also execute work with door to door sales.

“Companies need to understand the partnership with sales and marketing,” adds Warren Kay. They must ultimately collaborate to leverage customer insights and customize aspects of the marketing campaign. Companies such as Simpli.fi, for instance, do very well in developing content marketing programs to complement their programmatic sales.

4. Platforms can bring local franchisees in line, and also liberate them. Brands are “schizophrenic” from top to bottom, with the national brand representing one thing, and each local outlet representing something else. The question is to what degree is it healthy to have “local franchisee stars act like franchise choir boys” – as Yext’s Christian Ward put it.

“The trend with national organizations is to get more control,” says Gregg Stewart. “The stakes are too high. I see that as a trend for a while, until we get these things figured out.” But franchises should do everything they can to encourage local innovation. “You need local stars,” says Rose. “You need to figure out how to embrace them, not bring them into everything. You need to get everyone else to emulate their success.”

Our New Study: Momentum for Card-Linked Offers

BIA/Kelsey is out with my new paper on the status of card-linked offers, which is based on detailed discussions with 14 leaders of the card linking ecosystem, including credit card firms, tech vendors, payment processors, publishers and merchants. Most of the respondents are members of The CardLinx Association.

This week, I presented report highlights to The CardLinx Association’s Mobile Summit in San Mateo. Among the findings: universal agreement that card linking is seeing momentum among merchants; that some budgets for card-linked offers have begun to move from experimental to seven-figure spending; and that many key categories are participating, including Quick Service and Fast Casual restaurants, specialty retail and subscription services.

Challenges remain, however. Once seen in simple terms as a successor to the prepaid model pioneered by Groupon and Living Social, there have been some slow-downs in the business. As Coupons.com SVP Bruce Sattley noted at The CardLinx Summit, “There is not as much fervor among retailers as I would have thought a year ago.”

Clearly, the ultimate success of card-linked offers will be linked to better coordination among the various segments of the CLO ecosystem; the development of a constant stream of attractive offers; greater awareness of CLOs; the elimination of structural sales blockages; and the development of industry standards for card-linked transactions.

More information about the report, including purchase information, may be accessed here.

Speaker Update for Leading in Local: The National Impact, Atlanta, May 7-9

The spanking new program is set for Leading in Local: The National Impact, which is May 7-9 in Atlanta.

We’ve put together a great list of 55 hand-picked speakers – all centered on what’s really happening in local with a special, unprecedented eye on the all important franchise and brand customer — plus a unique tour of The Weather Company (and a chance to meet weather celebrity Sam Champion.)

Leading executives and thought leaders with advanced franchise and brand applications for local are at the top of the bill, including:

Chip Perry, Independent Consultant, AutoTrader’s ‘First Employee’
Curt Hecht, Global CRO, The Weather Co.
Mark Marinacci, President, Gannett/GO Digital
David Lebow, SVP, National, YP
Mitch Spolan, EVP, Global Retail, Living Social

And we’ve added some great session speakers, including:

John Gregory, Chief Category Development Officer, AOL
JonPaul Rexing, director of sales, ESPN Local
Kevin Vanes, director, national sales and partnerships, Angie’s List.
Meribeth Papuga, Exec VP and Director of Local Activation, MediaVest

The centerpiece of the conference is several key sessions where we go deep on search, geotargeting, digital agencies, cross channel and loyalty programs. Leaders will share their local insights from top franchise groups and brands representing most of the top local verticals, including auto dealers, real estate, restaurants/dining, health services, insurance, travel, consumer packaged goods, moving and cleaning. The companies appearing include a vital cross- section of U.S. commerce:

AAA of the Carolinas
General Mills
Genghis Grill
McKesson Health
Maid Right
Two Men and a Truck

Will you join the BIA/Kelsey local community in Atlanta? Register

‘National Brands, Local Marketing’: BIA/Kelsey’s Spring Event is May 7-9 in Atlanta

BIA/Kelsey, forecasting $52.9 Billion in national local spending by 2017, has unveiled its new Leading in Local: The National Impact conference, which will take place in Atlanta May 7-9.

The 2 ½ Day event is expected to be the largest gathering of national brands and local marketing players that has ever taken place. Brands, franchises, multi-location stores and others will be the focus.

We’re ready with national local’s top leaders, including Weather Company Global Revenue Officer Curt Hecht; Gannett/G/O Digital SVP Mark Marinacci; Foursquare VP of Sales Rob Wilks; Living Social SVP Mitch Spolan; AutoTrader Founder Chip Perry; YP SVP David Lebow; ReachLocal SVP John Gould; Yodle VP Corey O’Donnell; MediaVest EVP Maribeth Papuga; and many other leading innovators.

A number of speakers will be accompanied by top brands they are working with. The list already includes marketing leaders at brands such as Scion, Two Men and a Truck, Genghis Grill and PostNet. BIA/Kelsey is also holding The GoLocal Awards for brands, which will include an on stage presentation at the end of Day 2.

This isn’t your typical “local” event. It’s all new, it’s all important. And it’s all here. Register.

New BIA/Kelsey Event: Deals 3D — The New Local Value Chain, San Francisco July 18-19


Things are very, very hot in the deals space right now. Amidst all the opportunity, there are also many, many unsettled issues.

How is Deal a Day going to evolve? How important are “instant deals?” How will mobile be applied? How will coupons, weekly sales and other deals be integrated in the new deals environment? What are the best vertical approaches for audience and categories? And very importantly: What is the ultimate transactional platform for deals?

This marketplace is moving at a fast-forward pace. Rather than waiting for our big Interactive Local Media West conference in December, we are producing a brand new 1+ day event – Deals 3D: The New Local Value Chain. The event, which will be held July 18-19 in San Francisco, will focus on the NEXT 18 months in deals.

We’re doing this event a little differently. It will be at a University conference center instead of a hotel. There will be demos galore. And we’ve asked industry expert Jon Sofield to be a co-host. And it will be a true immersion in this space. MasterCard has already signed on as a charter sponsor. I definitely want to hear what they have to say about their role in deals.

Did you want to meet and learn from the most important people in deals? They’ll all be here. Sign up now for the early bird rate.

Initial Speaker Lineup Set for ILM East, March 21-23 in Boston

We’ve just announced the initial lineup for ILM East in Boston, March 21-23, which follows hot on the heels of our Interactive Local Media 2010 conference in Santa Clara – possibly the largest local event ever, with 681 attendees.

ILM East is a brand new show, built to leverage this fast-changing environment. We’re especially excited to have David Weinberger as our opening keynoter. As co-author of “The Cluetrain Manifesto” and sole author of “Everything is Miscellaneous” (my favorite book), Weinberger was among the first to recognize that the “new marketplaces” go beyond transactions to focus on conversations, engagement and customer acquisition.

ILM East also features two “SuperForums” on 1) mobile local media and 2) group buying/deal a day. These will individually focus on where mobile and group buying are going, and will feature many of the top leaders in each space. Living Social CEO Tim O’Shaughnessy – hot off his company’s sale of 1.3 million Amazon coupons — and Gilt City CEO Nate Richardson will point the way on that. Yipit’s Jim Moran , WildFire App’s Victoria Ransom and Local Thunder’s Jim Boutin provide a 360 view of the deals environment.

Other major speakers confirmed to date include Gannett Digital Media Network GM Josh Resnik, who has been deeply involved with all of Gannett’s digital and vertical initiatives; Facebook’s Local Monetization leader Maz Sharafi, who joined Facebook from Google to help jumpstart the local revolution there; Former Ticketmaster CEO Sean Moriarity, who is now entrepreneur in residence at The Mayfield Fund; NY Magazine Digital GM Michael Silberman, who has been redefining the local city magazine into a vertical-based product; and Yext’s Howard Lerman, who will be discussing the company’s Real Live Promotions/Tagging initiative.

We are also doing something that everyone always asks for: a panel of smart small business advertisers will talk about why they make the marketing decisions they make. AT&T’ Interactive’s Maria Kermath spearheads that effort, along with AT&T Advertising’s Charles Lee.

We’ll also have a strong focus on maximizing local retail online – a major development for 2011. Milo’s Jack Abraham, JiWire’s David Courtney and PaperG’s Victor Wong will talk about the new, revolutionary retail environment.

Hyperlocal also gets a different spin at ILM East. Rather than focusing on community and content, we’re ready to talk dollars – real dollars. AOL Local’s Mike DeLuca and The Washington Post’s Tim Condon will headline that.

And we’re digging deep into events – the roots of most things local — with trendsetters such as Eventbrite’s Kevin Hartz and Goby’s Mark Watkins.

And we’re also looking at how national companies are approaching local search, with local search leaders such as U-Haul’s Elnora Palms and Progressive Insurance’s Matthew Marko.

There is much, much more planned. Register early and take advantage of “earlier bird” rates.

NEW: The Hot Lineup for Marketplaces 2010 (March 22-24, San Diego)

Three years ago, BIA/Kelsey created the Marketplaces research program and conference because we saw that local advertising was quickly “verticalizing.” Indeed, money and talent has poured in for the new breed of vertical products that would take their place among existing vertical success stories, such as AutoTrader, Cars.com, Realtor.com and ServiceMagic.

Marketplaces 2010, the conference, reveals just how fast the industry has evolved. This year’s event, now under construction, is set to highlight all the major trends in Marketplaces.

This includes AOL’s $50 million investment in Patch.com, and ongoing transformation of its Mediaglow vertical properties (and Mapquest); eBay’s renewed efforts to build up classifieds as entry level ecommerce via Kijiji, eBay Motors and other services; Examiner.com’s big bet on local/vertical content, and its network of 26,000 “examiners”.

It also includes Groupon’s “smart mob” theory of local commerce, backed by $32 million investment; RedBeacon, ALikeList and others’ efforts to remake ServiceMagic-like home and trade leads with social media;Adify and Pulse360’s bid to verticalize ad networks for local merchants and national brands; and OpenTable’s big bet on mobile to let diners make reservations wherever they are.

The 2 ½ day conference takes full advantage of its location in sunny San Diego. It includes rich research presentations, top flight demos of the latest services, and a pre-conference showcasing all the best tools of Marketplaces 2010. Come to San Diego March 22-24 to learn, enjoy the unbeatable networking, and participate. You can register at early-bird rates here.

* Ethan Anderson, CEO, RedBeacon
* Jeff Beard, CEO, Localeze
* Rick Blair, CEO, Examiner.com
* Jon Brod, EVP, AOL*
* Craig Donato, CEO, Oodle
* Jim Delli Santi, CEO, Alikelist
* Todd Dubner, SVP, NCI
* Russ Fradin, CEO, Adify
* Krista Glotzbach, VP, Vast.com
* Mark Goldstein, Chairman, Loyalty Labs
* Martin Herbst, GM, Kijiji U.S., eBay
* Scott Jampol, Sr. Director, Marketing, OpenTable
* Jaan Janes, CEO, Pulse 360
* David Kidder, CEO, Clickable
* Steve Larsen, CEO, CallSpark
* Andrew Mason, CEO, GroupOn*
* Colin Pape, CEO, ShopCity
* Ben Saren, CEO, CitySquares
* Craig Smith, President, ServiceMagic
* Mat Stover, CEO, Local Matters
* David Vazdauskas, President, Local Thunder