Digital First ‘Complements’ with Tracking, Other Services

What does a newspaper company do when it loses its affiliation with a major vertical brand? That was the question for The San Jose Mercury News and some of the other Digital First Media papers on New Years Day, when the company’s partnership with ended. The Digital First newspapers knew that most car dealers […]

Cobalt: Car Buyers 3X More Likely to Click Thru on Mobile Than Web

In the wake of GM’s bankruptcy, auto dealers are being pitched mobile applications and other technology that would steer likely customers their way. reports success with its mobile app, and now Cobalt, a major provider of tech and marketing solutions for dealers, is out with an app as well. Cobalt’s feeling is that mobile […]

AutoTrader Responds to WSJ: Auto Shopping Sites Are Still Up

The Wall Street Journal has been making some bold statements in its recent coverage. A couple of weeks ago, the WSJ’s Emily Steel pronounced Yellow Pages “extinct.” This week, a new article by Steel noted the “tapering off” of ad spending on auto sites – another bold statement (although the article itself was measured and […]