IAB Leadership Meeting: Facebook, NY Times Defend Native Advertising

Native advertising — the insertion of contextually relevant advertising amidst other content — is viewed with suspicion by much of the ad community, which sees it as unscaleable, and perhaps the opposite of its drive towards programmatic (automated) sales. During the Summary Panel today at the IAB’s Annual Leadership Meeting in Palm Desert, one hypothesis […]

LSA 2013: Facebook’s Dan Levy on Importance of Local

“Local search is really important for Facebook,” with a major boom in local business adoption, and the synonymous nature of mobile usage and local search, notes Facebook’s Dan Levy, who spoke April 16 at The Local Search Association conference in Las Vegas. Levy says there are 15 million SMBs on Facebook now, and 680 million […]

Sounding off on Facebook’s IPO: The BIA/Kelsey Webinar

via CNN If anybody wonders whether the considerable “legs” of Facebook justifies a valuation now set for $83 Billion, have a listen to a terrific BIA/Kelsey Webinar on Facebook’s IPO, featuring Trada CEO Niel Robertson Wildfire CEO Victoria Ransom, and Plink Co-Founder Peter Vogel (and BIA/Kelsey analysts Jed Williams, Matt Booth and Jeanne Dattilo). People […]

Rethinking Deals after Facebook and Yelp Pullbacks

Facebook and Yelp are downsizing their separate deals initiatives after launching them with some fanfare. Facebook is now limiting its deals to users that check-in to businesses; and Yelp is sharply reducing the number of deals that it features, while continuing to support self-serve efforts that are integrated with other Yelp ad products. Are these […]