Yahoo’s Lem Lloyd on Gannett/Yahoo Deal

Gannett’s local newspapers and TV stations will begin selling Yahoo inventory, considerably boosting the size of Yahoo’s local sales efforts. The deal, which involves 81 newspaper organizations and seven of its 23 TV stations– is similar to the efforts of Yahoo’s 800 member Newspaper Consortium. But Gannett, notably, is staying separate from the Consortium. In […]

Gannett Broadcasting Goes Hyperlocal via DataSphere

DataSphere, which creates hyperlocal blogs and sells advertising packages to small businesses on behalf of local broadcasters, will now do the same for Gannett Broadcasting, The deal initially covers ten of Gannett Broadcasting’s 19 markets, including Atlanta, Washington D.C., Tampa, Buffalo, Sacramento, Grand Rapids, Little Rock, Portland, ME and Macon, GA. Gannett is keeping the […]

Adobe and Omniture: The Local Perspective

It doesn’t make much sense on the surface and is something of a head scratcher. But Adobe has agreed to acquire Omniture for $1.8 billion. The acquisition is described as an effort to jumpstart Adobe’s website development and service efforts by linking it with Omniture’s analytics. Adobe’s Creative Suite includes Photoshop, Illustrator and Flash. From […]

SeaVast’s Pulse 360 Offers Alternative to Keyword Search

Google’s done pretty well with text ads based on keyword search. But do content page keywords really unleash the potential for beyond “cumulous clouds,” or for beyond “election results?” In fact, media sites such as and are likely to attract a certain type of person that may be ready to do […]