InsiderPages GM: ‘We’re Thriving As Part of Citysearch’

When InsiderPages was sold to IAC’s Citysearch, it seemed like it was probably a distress sale. Many of the Yellow Pages/ratings and review sites of 2004-2006 were falling apart at the same time. Since then, however, InsiderPages appears to have thrived. “We are profitable and growing every month,” says General Manager Eric Peacock. “I can’t […]

MojoPages Claims Traction; Announces Deals with Key Players

Despite some traction by sites like Yelp – ok, specifically Yelp — the hybrid IYP/ratings-and-review segment remain something of a question mark in the industry. It remains to be seen whether such sites can attract a large number of frequent reviewers and users – and not just recent college grads and/or mother-aged women. It also […]