Lem Lloyd’s Move to FixYa: Q&A Sites as Content Marketing

People are getting excited about Content Marketing again this year, with Website, mobile and video editorial content, ratings and reviews, promotions and listings broadening the content farm/search ranking algorithms segment we saw several years go. Q&A sites are a key component of the new content marketing, driving user generated content, participation and sticky usage. A […]

Yahoo’s Lem Lloyd on Gannett/Yahoo Deal

Gannett’s local newspapers and TV stations will begin selling Yahoo inventory, considerably boosting the size of Yahoo’s local sales efforts. The deal, which involves 81 newspaper organizations and seven of its 23 TV stations– is similar to the efforts of Yahoo’s 800 member Newspaper Consortium. But Gannett, notably, is staying separate from the Consortium. In […]

Yahoo: Newspaper Consortium Cutting Into Broadcast Ad Dollars

The Yahoo Newspaper Consortium is seeing new ad dollars coming in, primarily for its behavioral targeted campaigns, which accounts for 90 percent of its business, per Yahoo VP Lem Lloyd. Lloyd oversees the program for Exec VP Hilary Schneider. (Both were featured this weekend in a glowing report in The New York Times, complete with […]