YellowSpaces: New IYP Focuses on Mobile-Oriented Features

YellowSpaces, a startup launched by New York entrepreneur Constantin S. Manta, hopes to differentiate itself from a glut of Internet Yellow Pages and local search applications by keeping things clean, better engaging users, and better integrating mobile channels. The service has such state of the art, mobile-oriented features as city name guessing after just a […]

Clickable Aims Local, Focuses on ‘Scaleable’ Sales Solutions

Clickable, a third party online search manager, says that local search packages are too heavily marked up, with too little emphasis on conversions. It is re-aiming to fix these problems with a “highly scaleable” local solution for publishers and resellers. The “Clickable Platform” is supported by an 85 person team, of which 55 are dedicated […]

ReachLocal Adds Display to Search Offering

Clearly, SMB marketing is no longer just about local search and directory listings. While search remains as important piece of the pie, display is emerging in its own right. Marchex, AdReady, Cobalt’s Admission, MediaTraks, Mixpo and Jivox are among those companies that have been targeting SMBs and others for display (and rich media) solutions. Now, […]

2008: The Year That Was

We’re out with our predictions for 2009. But what’s the final word for 2008? Truly, it was a very stimulating and thoughtful year for our local media and commerce industry. But speaking for myself, it’s hard to say whether it was a good year, especially with fresh layoffs that we are hearing about every day. […]

Marchex Reports ‘80,000 Local Advertisers’

Marchex, during its 3Q earnings call today, reaffirmed its focus on providing ad solutions for the local and vertical search space, noting that it currently works with 80,000 local advertisers via 110 local partner relationships, including AT&T and Idearc. The advertiser count is up 5,000 from the previous quarter. By the end of 2009, the […]