Cobalt: Car Buyers 3X More Likely to Click Thru on Mobile Than Web

In the wake of GM’s bankruptcy, auto dealers are being pitched mobile applications and other technology that would steer likely customers their way. reports success with its mobile app, and now Cobalt, a major provider of tech and marketing solutions for dealers, is out with an app as well. Cobalt’s feeling is that mobile […]

NAA 2009: Google CEO Eric Schmidt on Local, and Future of Information

Google CEO Eric Schmidt addressed newspaper publishers this morning at the NAA Annual Convention in San Diego, giving a high level, thought-provoking talk (without apparent notes) about the future of information and the role that newspapers, search and consumers will play in it. (While I attended the event, the talk was streamed online here). Schmidt […]

NAA 2009: The Las Vegas Review-Journal Launches Mobile Video

The Las Vegas Review-Journal has launched an ambitious local mobile video site using the The AP Mobile News Network, says AP President Tom Curley, speaking at the NAA Annual Convention in San Diego. The site extends The Review-Journal’s leadership onto the video platform , and it figures into the way the newspaper is telling stories, […]

Marketplaces 2009: CitySearch CEO Jay Herratti

Citysearch CEO Jay Herratti, in a keynote at Marketplaces 2009 in Los Angeles, stressed that there are four things that local sites need to focus on: being more local, mobile social and balanced. “Local is really an evolution,” he said. “Now the evolution is transforming the marketplace from cities down to neighborhoods.” Accordingly, Citysearch has […]