No More Keyword Sales, But Search is Leverageable

Newspapers haven’t done too well with local search, despite efforts to leverage their potential mix of human editors and algorithms. But made more of an effort than many others, launching a local search effort in 2006. As chronicled by Nieman Lab, that effort started out on a promising note but quickly plateaued. Given the […]

Cablevision’s Newsday Goes Behind the Firewall

Cablevision has made good on its threat to put the online version of Newsday behind a firewall, accessible only by print subscribers or online only users willing to pay $5 per week. Classifieds will remain free. Newsday, purchased last May from Tribune Corp. for $650 million, is the nation’s 19th largest newspaper with a daily […]

Trend: Personalization Platforms Pursuing Newspaper Deals

Personalized news platforms that can guess what users want to see are being developed by several competing teams. One expectation is that newspapers and other local media will want to use them to power next generation services. Last week, we wrote about DailyMe. Other contenders include Pegasus News’ The Daily You, Kosmix’s MeeHive, and now, […]

Neil Budde: Personalization, Local and Daily Me

The overlap (and confusion) between “local” and “personalization” has always been a big one. And that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Online media pioneer Neil Budde is the founding publisher of and former head at Yahoo News. Budde has made something of a study of the cross-roads of local and personalization in his new […]

Hearst Newspapers Launches PaperG’s Self Serve ‘Flyerboard’

Newspapers want to attract smaller local advertisers. To get there, they’ll need self serve solutions. The accounts aren’t valuable enough to assign feet on the street. It would be helpful if they were simple and intuitive as well. That’s what AdReady, Wave2 Media and 2AdPro have done with solutions for various newspapers that enable prefabricated […]