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Big Lineup Set for Leading in Local: SMB Digital Marketing, Austin, Sept. 11-13

We’re all ready for the next big turning point in local: and to us, it all begins and ends with the SMB market. Just this week, Facebook announced its one millionth SMB advertiser.

We’ll be diving deep into digital marketing solutions, channels and strategies for SMBs at our upcoming Leading in Local: SMB Digital Marketing event, which takes place Sept. 11-13 in tech-savvy and fun-loving Austin. The speaker lineup is extremely strong, and we’re expecting a great turnout for the networking (and dealmaking) that BIA/Kelsey is especially well known for.

Thirty-three speakers are already slated. They represent SMB digital marketing leaders from many of the biggest companies in the space, including Google, Facebook, Twitter, Yelp, Microsoft, First Data, YP, YPG, DexMedia, AOL/Patch, Home Advisor and CBS.

We’re just as excited to feature many of the new companies that our analysts have been closely following and writing about. In addition, there’ll be brand new and important SMB research from BIA/Kelsey, along with Hawthorne Search.

Please join us. You can register at attractive early rates here.

SMB Digital 2012: Google Execs Discuss New Products and Local Progress

Google’s role in the SMB Digital Marketing community is huge, and at SMB Digital Marketing in Chicago today, two Google execs described some of the company’s activities that have impacted SMB marketing.

Speaking on reseller side as an exec in the newly renamed “Channel Sales” division, Ben Wood noted that mobile and social have really been driving a lot of the new activity. Google research shows that one in three mobile searches are now local oriented he said, compared to one in five desktop searches. Channel sales , which is manned with 100 people around the world, has 350 partners and is in 44 countries.

New products include zip code targeting and congressional district targeting, in time for the 2012 U.S. elections. “It is much better targeting” for SMBs, he said. “They are the most requested (products) we’ve had for a few years.

Wood also noted that Google has done a lot to make its products more social, starting with the conversion of Google Places to Google +. “Google+ can really turbo charge marketing,” he said. “It can increase click thru rates by 5-10 percent.”

Results have generally been strong for partners, which have given it a 93 percent satisfaction level., up from 32 percent just a couple of years ago. “If you are not making money, why on Earth would you want to sell our products?” he said.

Google YouTube analyst Valentine Matrat addressed YouTube’s relatively new effort to court SMBs for advertising. She provided advice on what SMBs should do to boost traffic and engagement. “You want to really show people why its great to show up in your store,” she said. “Video has been around for 71 years. It can really be at the center of your ecosystem.”

New YouTube products include a video creation marketplace, which matches advertisers with videos, and Google Hangout, which sets up online engagement with customers, even doing two way taping that can later be used for testimonials.

SMB Digital 2012: Yodle’s Cunningham Takes on ‘The Experts’

Yodle CEO Court Cunningham, in a well received presentation at SMB Digital Marketing this week in Chicago, told attendees to constantly adapt to actual conditions in the marketplace, not what the “experts” tell us.

The gist of Cunnigham’s comments were that experts are too often conflicted by their limited access to data and doing what is convenient. Long term, adaptation happens along the lines of Charles Darwin: and of course, only the strongest survive. What really needs to be analyzed are what impacts the “three pillars of local success: sales, service, and marketing ROI,” he said.

Experts for instance, would have you believe that you can’t link content back to your website without taking a hit from the search engines; that map optimization is a simple one time affair; mobile optimization only has an impact for restaurants; and single search terms are about as good as plural search terms.

But Yodle’s 50 data analysts – studying three million weekly search queries and other data linked to its 30,000 customer base – have found that content can be linked back without any real hit.

They also found that map optimization is a highly tuned issue caused by constant changes in the map alogorithms; mobile optimization has a major impact on a wide swath of sites; and plural search terms are much better than single search terms.

Mobile paid search, in particular, is critical for all businesses, drives great economics and should be treated as a unique outlet, said Cunningham.

Are You a Startup and Want to Come to SMB Digital Marketing?

We’re excited to announce our new “SMB Future Stars” program, which is for companies that want to attend our SMB Digital Marketing conference Sept. 17-19 in Chicago, but are just getting started.

We’ve created a registration and visibility package exclusively for start-ups, which includes:

• Deeply discounted registration rate, nearly 70 percent off the full price of attendance, which includes access to all sessions, the exhibit hall and two networking cocktail receptions.

• Visibility as an “SMB Future Star” on the conference website, Virtual Conference site for attendees and in the event program book. Includes a 100-word company description with logo and link back to your website.

To qualify as an SMB Future Star, you must be a seed or early-stage company having raised less than $1 million of investment funds.

Here’s a link to the application page. With so much going on at SMB Digital Marketing, we want everyone to be able to participate.

And while the conference is really geared towards sellers, publishers and vendors of small business marketing, we’d love to see more SMBs there too. Special pricing is available for small businesses that are not part of the digital media and marketing industry. Email conferences@biakelsey.com to see if you qualify.

We hope to see you there!

SMB Digital Marketing Conference Adds: ReachLocal, Belly, Yelp +++

Our inaugural SMB Digital Marketing event keeps building and building. We’re being welcomed to Chicago for the Sept. 17-19 event by Mayor Rahm Emanuel, and have already announced key speakers, including Dex One CEO Alfred Mockett, Constant Contact CEO Gail Goodman and Demandforce CMO Patrick Barry.

Now, with early discounts ending today, we’re announcing a number of new speakers. On the keynote front, we’ve added ReachLocal President Nathan Hanks. Reach, of course, is one of the largest independent sales organizations in the local industry. As industry watchers, we are always watching them for SMB insights and innovations.

We’re also adding a number of industry leaders, and some great innovators. Belly CEO Logan LaHive has gotten a lot of attention in Forbes and other places for his efforts to provide an “act two” to the deals and promotions space via loyalty for SMBs. Belly is being backed by Groupon co-founder Eric Lekofsky and Andreessen Horowitz among others. We’ll be keenly interested in what he has to say alongside other loyalty leaders, including Cartera SVP Marc Caltabiano.

Another great add to the program is Repair.com GM Chris Spanos. Repair.com, backed by insurance giant NEW, is building a platform for service leads that also includes ServiceBench.com. Spanos joins an all-star panel that includes Angie’s List Ecommerce head David Kerr and Deluxe Corp VP and GM, SMBs Gordon Henry (Deluxe = America’s biggest check printers, Orange Soda and MerchEngines).

Mobile is going to be a big topic here too. Speaking on a mobile session is App Express CEO Mary Beth Brendza (formerly with User Friendly Media) and SMB Commando Dick Larkin, who will share his insights into text-based marketing from his day job as VP, American Marketing and Publishing.

Finally, we’re excited to add Yelp’s SMB outreach leader Darnell Holloway, who will share some of the insights that Yelp has learned along the way into what makes SMBs tick – and not. Holloway will complement two full panels of SMBs that we’ll bring in to talk about what they really find useful in digital marketing.

Alfred Mockett, CEO, Dex One
Gail Goodman, CEO, Constant Contact
Patrick Barry, CMO, Demandforce/Intuit
Nathan Hanks, President, ReachLocal

Featured Speakers:
Mary Beth Brendza, CEO, App Express
Ron Burr, CRO, CallFire
Marc Caltabiano, SVP, Cartera
Stephen Gibbons, VP, Dex One
Gordon Henry, VP, GM/SMBs, Deluxe Corp.
Darnell Holloway, Leader, SMB Outreach, Yelp
David Kerr, GM, eCommerce, Angie’s List
Logan LaHive, CEO, Belly
Dick Larkin, American Marketing & Publishing
John Pletz, Sr. Reporter, Crain’s Chicago Business
Shawn Riegsecker, CEO, Centro
Chris Spanos, GM, Repair.com
Pam Springer, CEO, Manta.com

We’ll be announcing more great speakers in coming weeks (hint: one of them starts with a ‘G’, ends with an ‘E’). But early discounts end today. Why not sign up here and save?

Announcing SMB Digital Marketing, Sept. 17-19, Chicago

We never get tired of saying it: SMBs represent the biggest marketing segment and the greatest opportunity in the local arena.

We’ve watched the Yellow Pages evolve quickly to reflect this reality; and everyone else joining in: Groupon, Google, Facebook and other leaders are all marketing to SMBs; newspaper companies, digital ad agencies and search engine marketers have also jumped in the water.

Our new conference, SMB Digital Marketing, is specifically focused on the next wave of opportunities for for those with an interest in the SMB space. We’ve invited many of the industry’s top leaders, and will present a totally differentiated but very important experience for attendees – while keeping our industry hallmark networking and learning. We’re also very excited to be in downtown Chicago, one of the hottest SMB tech markets anywhere.

Initial keynoters include:

Alfred Mockett, CEO, Dex One Media
Gail Goodman, CEO, Constant Contact
Patrick Barry, CMO, DemandForce/Intuit
Nathan Hanks, President, ReachLocal

Here’s some of the top leaders who are set to present:
MaryBeth Brendza, CEO, AppExpress
Stephen Gibbons, VP, DexOneMedia
Darnell Holloway, Leader, SMB Outreach, Yelp
Gordon Henry, VP, GM/SMBs, Deluxe Corp.
David Kerr, GM, eCommerce, Angie’s List
Logan LaHive, CEO, Belly
Dick Larkin, American Marketing & Publishing
John Pletz, Sr. Reporter, Crain’s Chicago Business
Shawn Riegsecker, CEO, Centro
Pam Springer, CEO, Manta.com

We’ll be announcing a bunch of additional great speakers in coming weeks. Check back often. In the meantime, discounts on early registration are good through next Thur., July 24th. Sign up here.