Review: ‘The Story So Far — What We Know About the Business of Digital Journalism’

Whenever one writes about the future of newspapers and other news organizations, a voice in the back of your head says: “they’ve tried that already and it didn’t work.” Fifteen years into the digital revolution, that’s the dilemma confronting the news industry as it once again revisits possible solutions. Thankfully, no one is giving up. […]

HuffPo’s Eric Hippeau at IAB: ‘I Didn’t Kill Newspapers’

Huffington Post CEO Eric Hippeau defended the role of the site in journalism and said it is helping to herald in “a golden age of journalism” that has more content and audience participation than ever before. Speaking at IAB’s Annual Leadership Meeting in Carlsbad, CA, Hippeau noted that HuffPo is publishing 500 pieces of content […]

Angie’s List Adds First ‘National’ Vertical: Classic & Custom Cars

Following the success of eBay Motors with special classic and custom car restoration verticals, other sites have pitched their own tents to get a piece of the $2 billion annual business, including AutoTrader and The New York Times. Now comes Angie’s List. Angie’s List, based in Indianapolis and boasting over one million members, actually has […]

Cablevision’s Newsday Goes Behind the Firewall

Cablevision has made good on its threat to put the online version of Newsday behind a firewall, accessible only by print subscribers or online only users willing to pay $5 per week. Classifieds will remain free. Newsday, purchased last May from Tribune Corp. for $650 million, is the nation’s 19th largest newspaper with a daily […]