Top Social Nets Discuss ‘The Mobile/Social, Local/ Real-Time Medium’ at IAB

Local/social leaders from Facebook, Yelp and Twitter took the stage at IAB’s Annual Leadership Meeting in Carlsbad, CA this week to discuss what IAB President Randall Rothenberg called “the mobile/social local real-time medium that does not have a name.” Facebook’s Tim Kendall, director of monetization, said that Facebook has essentially introduced “marketing on the social […]

Twitter Added to Citysearch SMB Profiles

Citysearch today became the first SMB site to integrate Twitter functionality into its claimed SMB profiles. The effort complements earlier efforts to integrate the SMB profiles with Facebook, and consumer social media options. Citysearch SVP of publishing Kara Nortman tell us the deal has been developed directly with Twitter for about two months. The impact […]