HotJobs’ Launches ‘Pay-Per-Candidate;’ Broad Implications

In an action that could have broad implications for the classifieds industry, Yahoo! HotJobs has added a “Pay Per Candidate” model that guarantees that recruiters aren’t paying for untouched “ghost” listings. Pay Per Candidate only charges recruiters when candidates view a listing and act on it. The HotJobs model, similar to efforts launched by niche […]

Kelley Blue Book Going with Performance-Based Model for Classifieds

Should classified services continue to list page-after-page of listings, or take advantage of search capabilities to spotlight listing matches? That’s a dilemma every classified service has had to contend with. Advantages of traditional listings are they are easily understood by advertisers, and possibly foster a better environment for display ads. The potential advantages for performance […]

AOL Adds Classifieds; Partners with Oodle

AOL Local has teamed with Oodle to launch AOL Classifieds in the U.S. and Canada. In addition, AOL is launching a U.K. classifieds site at the end of the week. Oodle aggregates listings from more than 250 partner sites (including MySpace, Facebook and WalMart). The timing might be especially useful for used person-to-person goods, as […] Adds Performance-Based Marketing to Classifieds

Are classifieds fated, by definition, to be “dumb” all-you-can-eat listings? Or can certain categories be re-made as performance-based listings a la Google that bring best matches to the top, bringing higher revenue in return for a better match and conversion? That’s the question posed by, a San Francisco-based company working with “inventory” classifieds: autos, […]