Yodle Buys Lighthouse, Boosting Relationship Marketing Efforts

When they first launched in 2005, the independent sales channels were almost entirely about reselling search and YP ads. SMBs showed confusion over the value of these campaigns however, and it didn’t help that Google (and its lower margins) dominated the mix. Since then, the independents haves gone in somewhat different directions, as more players […]

SMB Digital 2012: Yodle’s Cunningham Takes on ‘The Experts’

Yodle CEO Court Cunningham, in a well received presentation at SMB Digital Marketing this week in Chicago, told attendees to constantly adapt to actual conditions in the marketplace, not what the “experts” tell us. The gist of Cunnigham’s comments were that experts are too often conflicted by their limited access to data and doing what […]

The Move to Loyalty Platforms: Yodle Founder Launches Punchey

In a reflection of the industry’s ongoing interest in developing SMB promotional and loyalty services, Yodle founder Nate Stevens’ venture fund announced last week that it is putting $1.7 Million into Punchey, a new mobile-oriented payments and promotions platform. The 12 person, Boston-based firm was founded in late 2011 and is focused on SMB “upstream […]