About Me

Thank you for coming to my personal site. I am a Vice President at The Kelsey Group, where I run the Marketplaces program. I’ve been tracking the transition of media and commerce to the Internet since the mid-1980s, when I received a Masters in Communications — a new field — at The Annenberg School of Communications at USC.

Along the way, I have worked with many media companies (NBC, The NFL, Hearst, Discovery), non-profits (The E-Voter Institute, The Markle Foundation, The Benton Foundation), ISPs and Telecom Companies (America Online, Prodigy, AT&T, Verizon), retailers (Circuit City, USPS) and governmental entities and trade associations (The U.S. Department of Commerce, The Newspaper Association of America and The Yellow Pages Association).

For the past 13 years, I have specialized in local media and commerce, and have partnered with a number of research firms, including Arlen Communications, Borrell Associates, Find/SVP and Link Resources (IDC). My longtime association with The Kelsey Group, a leader in directional advertising research and strategy, began in 1997. As program director for The Marketplaces program, I am focused on best practices across niches and verticals. It is fascinating, breakthrough research.

You can find more information about me here — but it isn’t kept up to date. You can also write to me at Peter at Krasilovsky.net.