Angie Hicks at Online Marketing Summit: “We’re Direct Marketers”

Angie Hicks, the co-founder and namesake of Angie’s List, said she thinks of her company as a direct marketing machine. Speaking at ClickZ’Online Marketing Summit in San Diego this morning, Hicks noted that “we’re direct marketers at heart. If it doesn’t perform, it’s out. We’re constantly measuring effectiveness, and overall lift.”

Hicks noted that the 250 city company has made its own transformation from phone-based to the Internet, which now accounts for 90 percent of its usage. But as builds a national brand, and seeks premium home owner as members (who tend to be older) the company still relies on offline marketing. While it is doing some pay per click advertising, “The majority of our spend is offline, she said. 

TV accounts for the biggest share of Angie’s spend. In two weeks, the company is launching a major new TV campaign. But the medium has its own frustrations. “TV is the least measureable medium,” she lamented. In the new campaign, “we’ll segment it out, and test its efficiency.”