Estimate: Google Pulls in $200 Million from ‘Local’

Google doesn’t break out its revenue for local, but we can speculate. Piper Jaffray has said that 10 percent of Google’s revenues are attributable to “geotargeting,” per Greg Sterling. Based on Q2 earnings of $2.46 billion, that would mean Google grossed about $240 million from local in Q2, up from $225 million in Q1. We might … Read more

Newspapers Mull Over Yahoo/HotJobs Tie

Tribune, Knight Ridder and Gannett’s success with CareerBuilder has lead to other newspaper companies wanting in on the national recruitment action. As Paid Content reports, CareerBuilder “had a great second quarter with network and affiliate revenues up 42 percent over last year” and in some respects, is beginning to run away from Monster. A number of newspaper companies, including … Read more

Online Real Estate Ads Hit $2 Billion

Real Estate-related Internet advertising will reach $2 billion in 2006, or 17.7 percent of all Real Estate spending, according to a new report by Borrell Associates Inc. The report predicts that online will jump to 32.1 percent of all Real Estate spending by 2010, with most of the increase coming at the direct expense of newspapers, real estate … Read more

Tribe.Net in Talks with NBC is in talks to besold to NBC (corrected from earlier version). The sale marks the official end of an era for a service that at one time, was determined to bring Friendster-like social networking to the local level via various city “tribes” run by newspapers, who wanted to piggy back a Craig’s List-like service on top … Read more

API’s ‘Newspaper Next’ Previewed

The American Press Institute’s $2.7 million Newspaper Next project is nearing completion on six innovation test beds, and getting ready to share its findings with the rest of the newspaper industry in September, according to Managing Director Steve Gray, who spoke June 29 at the Media Giraffe conference held at The University of Massachusetts at Amherst. Newspaper Next is … Read more

HarvestInfo: Newspapers Seeking ‘Federated Search’

Newspapers are increasingly seeking out “federated search” solutions that can search and crawl all forms of their content, including display, classifieds, various feeds, editorial and archives, according to Catherine Kelly, President of HarvestInfo, a vendor to newspapers. “We’re starting to hear the term ‘federated search’ pop up from different newspapers, without any prompting,” says Kelly, who … Read more

Borrell: Why Local Revenue Projections Are Up

As a longtime consultant, I get nervous around research firms that are especially bullish on a market segment. The incentive to cheat is just too great, since clients use the bullish projections for all kinds of things: raising capital, forming partnerships, puttting out press releases; even recruiting staff. But there’s no denying that there has … Read more

CitySearch Announces 41,000 Advertisers

CitySearch President and CEO Briggs Ferguson says, in an interview with Greg Sterling, that the site now has “41,000 advertisers.” That means a gain of 11,000 since the beginning of 2005, when the company had about 30,000 advertisers. It is possible that the number is even less. Ferguson sometimes says “advertisers” when he actually means “advertising locations.” If … Read more

True Local to Monetize 3.8 Million URL Database

TrueLocal has amassed a database of 13 million local businesses, including 3.8 million local URLs, and is now ready to aggressively sell advertising on its local search engine, according to company president Jake Baillie. Up to now, the company’s revenue has largely come from six figure license deals with online directories, including Verizon SuperPages and Amazon’s … Read more

eBay and Skype: The Classifieds Factor

Some analysts haven’t figured out Skype’s value to eBay. But I see it fairly plainly: classifieds. The classifieds industry appears to be on the verge of a freefall, due to services such as Craig’s List that don’t charge But with Skype in the picture, I see lots of “value add” that buyers and sellers would … Read more