McClatchy Interactive Adds Details to KR Plans

McClatchy doesn’t plan any major changes for Knight Ridder’s online operations, but plans to save $15 million by getting rid of redundancies in the two companies’ operations, said McClatchy VP of Interactive Media Chris Hendricks in an interview with the NAA’s Rob Runett. Hendricks has made a habit throughout his career of referring to “bodies” as cost … Read more

Ready for Online Only? Seattle Paper Mulls it Over

I was recently stunned by a conversation with a group of newspaper execs mulling over which U.S. city would be the first to rely on an online-only newspaper. The switch might be faster in one of the handful of surviving, two-paper towns. Last Sunday, Eric Pryne of Blethen’s Seattle Times wrote an article describing how Hearst’s Seattle Post-Intelligencer (The Times’ Joint Operating Agreement … Read more

New West’s Weber on Community Journalism

New West is a different concept than other community sites. Started two years ago by Jonathan Weber, the former editor of The Industry Standard (the dot-com era trade bible), the seven person site covers all of the Rocky Mountain region from its base in Missoula, MT. It has multiple revenue streams from Google AdSense and ads; and it … Read more

McClatchy Pact Opens Door to Yahoo ‘a la Carte’

The WSJ is reporting that McClatchy, the publisher of 30 newspapers, is set to be the 12th newspaper publisher to join the Yahoo consortium, leaving behind Gannett and Tribune, which had hoped to work with McClatchy to build an alternative national ad network. Meanwhile, The L.A. Times reports that Yahoo has agreed to provide prominent links on section fronts … Read more

Niesenholtz at YPA: Local ‘Untapped Opportunity’

New York Times Digital Chief Martin Niesenholtz, keynoting the Yellow Pages Association conference this morning in Las Vegas, called local “a huge untapped opportunity in the directories arena that no one – including the portals – has yet tapped.” I’m not at YPA this time, but a draft of Niesenholtz’ address noted that the winners in local “could … Read more

Zillow CFO Sees Real Estate ‘Renaissance’

Online Real Estate has gone through its “classical” period in 1995-2000, and its “dark ages” in 2001-2005, but is now in the midst of its “renaissance” due to “data enlightenment” and “consumer driven industrial change,” per Zillow CFO and VP of Marketing Spencer Rascoff. Speaking at Kelsey’s ILM conference in Philadelphia, Rascoff said a key in the … Read more

My Report on Newspapers and Online Shopping

Over the years, I’ve done a number of strategic reports for The Newspaper Association of America. The newest report, out today, is called “The Newspaper Online Shopping Report: Online Relationships with Retailers.” It is a fairly comprehensive work that gives readers a 360 degree view of what newspapers are doing (and should be doing) to … Read more

Smalltown Adds 3 Locales, Video

When you have access to $3 million of VC money, you are going to eventually want to spend some of it. That’s what Smalltown, an IYP site with social aspects via reviews, calendars and (now) Top 10 lists, is doing. Five months after launching SME-oriented sites in San Mateo and Burlingame, Smalltown has announced three new Bay Area … Read more