Being Tactical and Strategic: The Greatest Hits of ‘Next Wave SMB’

Where do we draw the line between “strategic” initiatives that define the future, and “tactical” approaches that can be readily applied? The average SMB or local marketer wants to be state-of-the-art, but doesn’t want to get too far ahead of customers, or invest in services that don’t ultimately catch on.

Some things that we’ve watched from the beginning have graduated from the “bleeding edge” and are now deeply integrated into SMB marketing. These include social media, search, email marketing, content marketing, prepaid coupons and online video.

Other things are primed to take off, like online-to-offline marketing, close the loop analytics, on demand services, geo-targeting, delivery, mapvertising, messaging, beacons, ewallets and WiFi-based marketing.

With the evolution of technology and the real needs of SMBs in mind, my friends at Booker asked me to develop NextWaveSMB. Launched in April, the blog has blended tactical and strategic issues for SMBs.

My role in the blog’s startup phase has ended, but there’s a great library of valuable posts that – for once, in this industry — focus on SMB needs, rather than vendor needs. Among the 40+ posts produced, here’s a personal “Top 10”:

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